Ahhh so your little one has started toilet training and you’re getting ready to pack away all your reusable nappies for the next baby and you notice a couple of them have seen better days. Some of your nappies have elastic that’s a bit slack, another is missing a snap and you’re wondering if they can be fixed? Well the good news is that they certainly can be!

Robyn from Nappies on a Mission repairs elastics on all types of nappies. She’ll also repairs any damage if need be as well. I won’t lie, Robyn is my mumma and has been sewing for most of her life, certainly all of mine and that’s a long time (I’m not giving up my age that easily) but rest assured she will do an amazing job of making your cloth nappies new again.

If your cloth nappying days are actually over and you’re looking for something to do with your nappies then Robyn also takes any modern cloth nappies, makes any necessary repairs and then sends them off to places like Fiji, Vanuatu and PNG to be used in orphanages. Just a little bit of altruism on the side there, it’s always nice to give back and it is very much appreciated by the recipients.

To get in contact with Robyn, her email address is robyngae @ westnet.com.au If you’re looking to send nappies on to be donated there’s no need to email first but just include a little note in the parcel so she knows what to do with them.

Nappies on a Mission
10 Crerar Road
Berrimah NT 0828