Vicki shows us how to put a Pebbles all-in-one cloth nappy on newborn baby Brock. Pebbles are part of our newborn modern cloth nappies range. They are one of the fastest and easiest cloth nappies to put on, obviously, this comes with advantages and disadvantages as Vicki explains.

The transcript.

Hi, I’m Vicky from Bubblebubs, and today I’m with baby Brock, who’s all of 6 days old and he’s around 3.2 kilos. So I wanted to take the opportunity, to show you our pebbles, so these are our newborn all in one nappy.

So what that means is that the absorbency and the waterproof cover is all in one piece. So. we’ve got wash tabs here. So you don’t end up with a big chain of nappies coming out of the wash. But you’ve got a long booster here, and there’s some extra absorbency in the shell.

Now the reason, we have this fold out merely is so drying time isn’t horrendous. So. We can fold the tri-fold. Tri-fold sorry, the snake booster into 3 or 4, depending on where you want the absorbency. So with our pebbles, the most important thing is that we give it a perfect stretch along the elastic and we make sure that that fabric rolls in and that the booster is contained within the nappy.

Sorry, because that’s what’s going to do all the containing. And as they say liquid in, liquid out, we don’t want to be wearing any of that. So we position that, just around about his waist, kind of, roughly about where his stump is. So bring the nappy up, and give a nice big tug on the elastic to make sure that we’re getting a perfect fit there.

Same on the other side was going to bring it over, and you can pop it on top or underneath the stump, whichever you prefer. And then, pop it on like that so as you can see we’ve got an excellent fit around both of his legs and an excellent fit around his waist too.

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