Vicki shows us how to mix up Foamy Wipes Wash from concentrate and how to use it with cloth wipes. And honestly if you’re using cloth nappies why not use cloth wipes? They’re cheap, easy and great for bulking up your wash. The hardest thing about Foamy Wipes Wash is trying to work out which of the amazing scents to pick!



Hi, I’m Vicki from BubbleBubs, and today I’d like to show you our Foamy Wipes Wash. So first off, I’ll show you how to make it up in the 200mL bottle so, what I’ve done is I’ve popped about 20mL of the concentrate into the container now.
I’m not one for measuring things hence why I’m already pre-doing this, so it’s rough that much, it’s just about one-tenth of the bottle. We recommend using distilled or demineralised water. This is readily available from the supermarket in the laundry aisle. The reason for that is all of the bacteria and micro-bio-things that are in water have all been removed, so you’re going to find that it lasts longer and it foams better by using that water rather than tap water or boiled water.
All we’re going to do is we’re going to fill it up and probably to about the top of the label, not too full. The reason we say don’t overfill it is because the foaming mechanism, if you constantly overfill your bottle, this will start to get sticky and then the pump won’t pump after a while.
So if you do find that, you can rinse it in some water, you know, just by pulling some water up through the pump. But as you can see, the water level’s going to go up anyway because of that action, so, here you go. That’s how you make up your Foamy Wipes Wash.

‘Kay, so once you’ve made up your foamy wipes wash how you use it is, pretty much get your happy, jolly baby and just squirt it directly, it’ll take a few pumps to get it through, but then just, either directly onto your wipe, like that, as a nice foam, or straight onto bub.
Two or three pumps is more than enough, and then literally you can get away with one wipe when using the foaming wipes wash. So, as long as you’ve got that nice foam that’s what you’re looking. And as I’ve said earlier, if you’re using a de-mineralised or distilled water you’re going to get a nice foam like that.
If you use boiled water, it’ll foam like that initially, and then you’ll find after a little while it’ll start to go watery and yucky, so … That’s kind of, yeah, how to use your foamy wipes wash. You don’t need to use any particular wipes. Anything that you’ve got. Face washes. We sell beautiful velour wipes, but, you know, they’re on the pricey side because bamboo velour is quite expensive.
So if you’ve just got some old towels that you want to cut up, or as I said, some face washes or anything like that. Anything with a little bit of absorbency to be able to get bub clean is all you need. Thanks.


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