Brock is back and he’s one month old and 4.5kg now! Now he’s a little bigger, Vicki shows us how to put on a Bamboo Delight cloth nappy and how to check the fit. Vicki is the owner and director of Bubblebubs and has been selling cloth nappies in Australia since she had her first child more than 14 years ago.



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Hi, I’m Vicki from BubbleBubs, and I’ve got baby Brock back with us today. He’s around about a month old now and about four and a half kilos. So I want to show you how to Bamboo Delights are fitting on him now. So the Version 2 Bamboo Delights come with a snapping booster here. So these are a fitted nappy, and so they do get thoroughly wet, so we’ll need to pop a cover over the top, and they’re a one-size nappy as well, so they’ll be a little bit bulky on him, but as you can see, he’s growing very fast. So we pop it, so it’s sitting up around the waist and bring the booster up. If it’s a little bit too big, we can fold it down like that if you want to. Okay, and so I’m just going to pop my hand underneath and snap. Look at that. And bring the other wing over the top and snap.

Okay. So if Brock was sleeping, you know, significant stretches at night, now that he’s a month old, you know, if we were getting closer to four, five, six hours and we need a more absorbent nappy, a Bamboo Delight is perfect for that, and that nappy will actually get him through toilet training, and so what we can do is, as he gets older, we can start to add boosting. So this is just a candy tri-fold. We do have night boosters which are a little bit thicker again, and you can begin to add the boost to the outside of the nappy between the nappy and the cover, but for now, I’ll show you how the newborn cover fits. So the Bubble Bubs Newborn Covers are designed to go over one-size nappies, also your small newborn nappies and flats as well, so there’s lots of room in them.

So you can see as we put this on… You can see it’s still coming across the centre tabs. We’ve got a good fit around the legs and a well contained nappy. So you can see… I’m going to pick you up, little one. I’m going to show you the back of the nappy. So what we’d want to do is poke in the frills there to make sure that nothing’s going to come out, but you can see, it’s quite stretched there now, and that’s where our newborn covers… They’re quite big, so when you get them, you look at them and go, oh, they’re huge on a newborn, but it’s because they’re designed to go over your flats and your one-size nappies, pretty much any of your newborn nappies. Are you going to say bye? Yeah.

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