With Vashti’s help Vicki puts her very first bamboo muslin flat cloth nappy on a baby! Vicki used the batwing fold and her little model, Brock, is 4 months old and 5kg. Vashti (from Nest Nappies) and Vicki work together on the board of the Australian Nappy Association which advocates for cloth nappies in Australia. You can check out their podcast here. To see our previous video where Vashti teaches Vicki this fold and more click here.

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The cloth nappy transcript

– Hi everyone, I’m Vicki from Bubble Bubs. And this is Vashti from Nest.

– Hi!

– I’m under her watchful eye because I’m no, what did we call it? A flat wizard?

– Flat wizard.

– When it comes to folding flats, I’m not all that great at it. But there is one fold that I know. So, we’re going to try that out and see how it fits on Brock. Thus, the one I’m going to try is called the batwing fold. Which involves folding into a smaller square. Like that. And bringing the wing out, and flipping it over, and just folding this down a couple of times. He’s only little, so I’ll do it four times. And pop it underneath, like this. And this is honestly the first time I’ve ever done this on a baby. So, let’s see how we go. And, we do just a little bit of a twist. That will help contain that nice liquid-y new born poop. And twist, twist, twist. And bring it over and fold that underneath. And find my trusty snappy. Pins. Old school. Look at that! That’s nice and trim. That’s a bamboo muslin flat, that one, so it’s nice. Can I pick you up? Yeah. Let’s have a look from behind. Yeah, I know. So, ohhh! Look at that. We’ve got that old sticky stuff out the back. But, we can poke that in. That will get caught in the cover anyway. But as you can see, all of the absorbency is in the middle of the nappy, which is where we’re going to need it. So even his liquid newborn poop is going to get caught in that. It’s liquid in, liquid out. So, it’s all nice and soaking it. How’s that?

– I think that’s pretty good. As you can see you’ve got that nice little gusset in there that’s going to catch everything. And it’s not going to go out the legs. Well done! High-five Ms Vicki!

– Thanks, guys.

– See you.


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