Brock is now 11 weeks and weighs 5kg. Today, Vicki shows us how a Bamboo Delight fitted cloth nappy looks on him at this age. 4.5-5kg is considered the standard for when a one size fits most (OSFM) nappy will fit well. As you watch the video you’ll notice the nappy doesn’t look quite as bulky on him as it did previously. Bamboo Delights are made of luxuriously soft bamboo velour and are used as part of a two-step cloth nappy system with the fitted nappy as the absorbent part (the Bamboo Delight) and cover as the waterproof part. A two-step system is fantastic because it’s bullet-proof against leaks and flexible when it comes to absorption as they grow and start to sleep longer stretches.

Vicki Simpson has been advocating for and selling cloth nappies in Australia for over a decade. She is the owner, creator and chief Nappy Nerd here at Bubblebubs.

Transcript: Bamboo Delight cloth nappy on Brook.

Hi, it’s Vicky from Bubblebubs. And today, I’m back with baby Brock, who is just over five kilos now, and about 11 weeks old. I  show you how the Bamboo Delights fit on him. So, being a one size nappy, they should fit quite well.

Thus, the Bamboo Delights come in two pieces. These are our version twos. So, you get your shell. This is all super soft bamboo velour. And a snap in the bamboo tri-fold. Do you like that snapping sound, do you? So, what we’re doing is we fold it into three, and that’s our nappy ready to go. So, Bamboo Delight’s make an excellent night nappy. So, if you don’t want the natural fibres against the skin, you can always pop a microfleece liner in there to help get bub dry.

Or you know, as I said, have the natural fibres against his skin. So, we’re going to pop this on Brock. So, we’re just going to bring the nappy over. If we need to, we can fold it over. I don’t think we’re going to have to. And we bring the wing over and pop our hand underneath so that we can snap. Like that, and like that. And repeat on the other side. Hand under, and onto the snap. Have got the tiniest little legs, do you?

Sorry, I don’t want to stab you with my nails. So, as you can see, we’ve got a perfect fit around the legs there. So, that’s what’s going to be doing the containing. So, we can put– Yeah, we can put a cover straight over that. So, this is our newborn size cover. So, I sneak that there. So, we  make sure that the cover is a little bit higher than the nappy. So, what we’re going to do is I’m going to show you how to boost it.

So, now that he’s reached the 11, 12-week mark, he’s starting to sleep that little bit longer. Lucky mom is getting six to seven hours block out of him now. But as he has also stopped pooing overnight, you can stop changing overnight. So, it’s a case of adding some boosting. So, I’ve just got a tri-fold here that I would boost at the front. You may find that for this age bub, you may not even need that much boosting.

So, we’ll pop the cover over the top. So, with this newborn cover, it is starting to get a little bit tight now. If you’re boosting a Bambam, the newborn cover would be excellent. But there’s a lot of extra material in there. So, I probably suggest looking at a more significant cover. So, let me grab a small cover. Yeah,pop, pop, pop. And okay, so again, you can see we’ve got heaps more room in this cover to allow for this extra boost in here. So, we just bring that up. Yeah, I know, you’re kicking those legs, and making my demo so different.

Hang on, sorry, you’ve got a wriggly bub, it’s not always the most natural thing to get a cover on. So, just make sure that you tuck all of the nappy inside the cover. And I’ll pick you up, yeah, yeah. And we’ll see how it’s fitting on the back. And just making sure that the whole nappy is contained there. So, make sure that you don’t get any blowouts.

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