Not the most glamorous of subjects but let’s face it parenting isn’t very glamorous. People often get scared about dealing with poo, the first secret is that whether you use single-use nappies or reusable nappies you will have to deal with poo as a parent. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! The second secret is even when using cloth nappies, it’s not a big deal! We wanted to give you an idea of what poo removal looks like with a cloth nappy and some different ideas. **No real poo was used in the making of this video!**

Here is the Kmart brush I mentioned if you want to look it up.

Jenna is the resident social media guru here at Bubblebubs. She has been using and advocating for cloth nappies in Australia since her son was born two years ago.

Transcript: Removing poo from cloth nappies.

Hi, I’m Jenna from BubbleBubs, and today, we’re talking about a gross topic. We will talk about poo removal. There’s a few different ways people like to do this, and we wanted to give you some visuals of how the different ones work.

Now, we’ve made some poo — it’s play dough, I promise, we have not used real poo in this. We made it a nice pretty colour to make it a little bit less scary. The first thing we will talk about is scraping options. Some people like to have a spatula or butter knife. Many people have these labelled. Label them, people, we do not want to get them mixed up with other things. That’s the first option is you can scrape your nappy off.

Now, depending on what’s more comfortable for you and how solid your bub’s poo is, you may want to do this in the toilet or you may want to do it in the laundry. I’m just going to do it here, show you how that works.

The next one I will try is a hairbrush. Now, some people like a little scrubber they like, some people use those … they’re like dog washers that have a hose that comes through them. Anything with like bristles, this is fantastic for breaking stuff off and getting it to go down the sink.

Now, obviously, for either of these options, you are hands on, so when you’re not dealing with blue play dough, wear gloves. That’s your choice.

The next one we will talk about is the sprayer which is my personal favourite. I think they’re easier, they’re more hands off, and you can have them attached either to the toilet or the laundry, whichever is more convenient in your house and whichever you prefer.

The advantage of the sprayer is that you can use it spray any of the blue play dough down the sink, and you don’t have to worry about getting your hands in there. Obviously, if you’re scraping onto a toilet, then not a problem anyway, but if you are using a sink, if that’s what works better in your house, it’s more hands off, which is nice.

Now, whatever option you choose — and I’ve just shown you three, they’re all right a lot more out there — it’s your choice. It depends on where your bub’s at, if they’re having solids, what kind of food they have. It depends on the set-up of your house. I have tiny bathrooms so for me; the laundry is the better option. Stuff like that.

Keep in mind, if you have grey water system, you absolutely don’t want to be putting poo down the laundry sink. If you don’t have a grey water system, it all goes to sewage, so that’s fine. It’s one of those things you have to think about, what works in your family, in your budget, in your house.

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