I dare you not to be charmed by these two cuties! Eleanor and her little brother Edison joined Vicki today to show you how with the magic of side snaps cloth nappies Bamboo Delights will grow with a child all the way from around 4kg to toilet training.

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Vicki Simpson has been advocating for and selling cloth nappies in Australia for over a decade. She is the owner, creator and chief Nappy Nerd here at Bubblebubs.


– Hi, I’m Vicki from Bubblebubs and today I’m with baby Edison and his big sister Elanor. What I’m gonna do is show you how the Bamboo Delight fits on both Elanor and Edison. So Edison is about three weeks old and four kilos. So I’m just gonna bring you back here sweetheart. So the Bamboo Delights are a one size nappy. So, they’re a fitted nappy so they will need a separate cover to go over it. So what we do with this is Oh, the Delights are so super soft they actually fit really nicely on a newborn. So all I’m gonna do is, I brought the tri-fold up, bring the wings over, and snap like that. Oh my gosh you’ve got such tiny legs how about we go one tighter. There we go, oh that’s better. And better, should we do this side too? We’ll bring the nappy right around like this. Pop our hands underneath and we can potentially get to the last, but I’ll go to the second last there. He’s just had a feed and I don’t wanna make it too tight. So, there we go. Okay actually I really should make that one tighter, but anyway I am gonna leave it for now. So a fitted one size nappy, this is really good as a night-time alternative. ‘Cause there is a lot of absorbency in there. As you can see a one size nappy is quit bulky on a newborn. Then I’m gonna show you what leg cap looks like. ‘Cause we have got quite a bit of it just here. So you’ll get nice little surprises out of there. But I don’t wanna upset him, but I would go one higher on that one. So what well do. Would you like to try this nappy on now?

– Yeah.

– Okay, lets prop your brother down. Whoop. Ah you’ve been such a good little boy. There we go, we’ll hand you over to mum. Make sure you’re all covered. Oh you’re such much rougher with him. Okay. Oh, your turn. Good job. Do you wear this one for a nap?

– Yeah.

– Yeah. Okay so we’re gonna pop the same nappy on Elanor. So as you can see, she’s a lot longer in the torso there so we don’t need to do any folding there. And what’s nappy gonna be on? I think you’re gonna be on number three, lets do number three. And snap. And on the other side, snap As you see it’s much easier to put it on a toddler when they stay still. And you’re not rolling around. You wanna stand up? Okay, up. That’s it Look at that! And, as you can see a much trimmer fit on a toddler and that is our Perfect Day Sleep nappy. If you needed to you could use that overnight by adding extra boosting. Thank you Elanor.

– Yes.

– Yes! Can you say bye-bye to everybody?

– Bye, bye, bye.

– Bye-bye.

– [Vicki] I love doing videos with toddlers.

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