In this video, Vicki shows us the difference between how a one size fits most nappy fits on a newborn vs how a specialised newborn nappy fits. While you can definitely use one size fits most nappies on a newborn baby there are a couple of great reasons to get a separate newborn stash. It’s easier to get a good fit on a tiny baby which means less leaks and makes your life easier. As you can see in the video a newborn nappy is much trimmer and will fit better under clothes. It also greatly reduces there wear and tear on your one size fits most stash. In the first 3 months, you’ll change around 1000 nappies so it helps extend the life of your OSFM stash. Financially they break even but don’t save you a lot on one kid but if you have two they save you lots and if you decide to sell them after use on one child a newborn stash retains value really well and we say conservatively you can sell for 1/2 of what you paid, but it’s not uncommon to see them sold for 3/4 of the price!

Whether you chose to use newborn nappies or go straight to one size fits most is a totally personal decision, it incorporates ease-of-use, budget and even what season your baby is born in can come into factor! There’s no right or wrong answer, just what is right for your family.

Vicki Simpson has been advocating for and selling cloth nappies in Australia for over a decade. She is the owner, creator and chief Nappy Nerd here at Bubblebubs.


– Hi everyone, I’m Vicki from Bubblebubs and today I am with Edison, who is about three weeks old and four kilos. And I have his big sister here, Eleanor, who is helping me change nappies. So what I wanted to show you was how a one-size nappy fits on a baby compared with the newborn, so. We say that a one-size nappy is bulky from this age and I’d just like to show you that in a visual way. My watch is so pretty, isn’t it?

– Okay, so the first one I’m going to pop on is the Candie, so this is the one-size nappy. What we’re going to do is we bring the tri-fold all the way up and fold it down. That helps to take all of the bulk out of this area here. What I’m going to do is bring my fingers up and under and snap that like that. And then repeat it on this side and he’s really close to the three or four, but he’s getting a bit agitated so I don’t wanna pop the nappy on too tight, or catch him with my nails more than anything, ’cause I can feel them right under there. There we go, so make sure that our wings are pushed in. Whoop. And the nappy will naturally fold at the front there And I’m going to do, can I lift you up, dude? Hey. And we can see from the back, see you’ve got a nice big, fat butt, which is very cute for a newborn. So as you can see just a little bit bulky. They certainly do fit. They’re going to contain, but it is on the bulky side. Can I pop him back down?

So this is our all-in-one Pebbles, so this a specific newborn-sized nappy. So we’re putting it in the same position here, so just kind of around the bellybutton line. What’s that? Hips. So what we do is we bring them up,

– [Vicki] Give them a new big tug and pull the wings over. There we go, and push into the leg creases. With any nappy it’s really important that you make sure that you’ve got no gaps around the leg, so we’re pushing the elastics right into the undy line there, so as you can see that is a much trimmer nappy on him. I’m going to pick you up and show you what it looks like from the back. And it’s a lot trimmer there, so a lot easier to fit under clothes and things like that. But either either is a good option, so hopefully that visual has shown you the difference between a one-sized and a newborn nappy. And we’ll say, “Thanks Edison.” There you go, you’re not going to look at the camera. See you. You say bye?

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