Brock is back! Here Vicki shows us how to use a Bamboo Delight as a night nappy on Brock who is now 18 months old and weighs 10kg. Vicki uses a Bubblebubs night booster set and PUL gusseted cover.

If you’d like to learn more about using cloth nappies at night check out this blog. Also check out our Highlights on our Instagram account for more on night nappies and some real babies and what they wear to bed.

Vicki Simpson has been advocating for and selling cloth nappies in Australia for over a decade. She is the owner, creator and chief Nappy Nerd here at Bubblebubs.


– Hi everyone, I’m Vicki from Bubblebubs and I’m back with baby Brooke. He’s 18 months old now and about 10 kilos, and what I’m gonna do is pop one of our Bamboo Delights on him, and I’m going to show you how we would be using this at night time for him now. So, what we do, is the first thing we do, so I’ve just got the Bamboo Delight as is. So this is, as you know, a fitted nappy. So the whole nappy is going to get wet. So what we’re gonna do is just put the nappy on normally, but, because we’re wanting this nappy will get, you know say two to three hours in the day because we’re wanting this to last 12 hours because you sleep 12 hours, don’t you? Yeah, that’d be nice!

What we do is we just start to add boosting. So this will really be dependent on your bub, how long they’re sleeping and that sort of thing. So what I’ve got, this is one of our Night Trifolds. So what I would do is get our cover. So this is a large cover, and I’ve grabbed this, and this is probably gonna be too big on him.

But anyway, I will show you how to boost for a night nappy. So we have got a Night Trifold here, so what we would do is we would pop this, if I was a bit more organised I would have popped it under the nappy, so we’d pop that under the nappy and bring it up, and I have an extra booster here which also comes in the night booster set, and because he’s a little boy I would pop that at the front so we have all of this extra boosting, but we’ve still got a really good leg seal on the Delight as you can see here. So if he does happen to poop his night nappy, it’s not gonna come out.

So we’re gonna do is pop the cover on. As you can see our covers are actually made to go over night nappies and flats and that sort of thing so you can see at 10 kilos we have got heaps of room in that cover there. And we can probably go a little bit tighter. There we go. Tuck everything in.

There we go, and we have got a massive big nighttime booty. So if you had a bub that wasn’t sleeping on their tummy or you wanted some of the bulk away from the front of the nappy, you can just move the boosting around accordingly. Okay, you say, are we gonna go to bed? Or is it too early? Can you say, “Bye bye?” Bye bye.

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