Candies are our award-winning all-in-two, One Size Fits Most (OSFM) cloth nappy. Unlike many OSFM cloth nappies on the market, the Candie has no rise snaps. Vicki gives a quick demonstration of all the parts of the Candie and how they work to eliminate complicated snaps on the front of the cloth nappy. Candies can be customised to further suit babies by offsetting the side snaps to accommodate different sized waists and thighs.

Transcription: Candies cloth nappies.

– Hi, everyone! I’m Vicki from bubble bubs. And I just wanted to give you a quick demo of our candies. So our candies are a side-snapped, all in two nappy and they’re also one-sized which means that they don’t have any rise snaps at the front. A lot of people go, “Oop! I don’t know how that works!” So, I’m about to show you very quickly. So, being an all in two means that it comes with the waterproof shell and also your absorbent inserts. So this is what we refer to as a trifold. This is what we refer to as a booster. So, all these three parts come as a complete candy. And so we fold the trifold into three, snap it into the waterproof shell, like that. Add the extra boosting if needed and then it does up on the side. So that’s where it’s a little bit different. Most nappies do up at the front which means that they need the rise snaps. Because it does up at the sides, we’ve managed to eliminate those snaps making it much easier to put on bub. So just does up at the side like that. Or, if you happen to have bubs with chunky legs or a skinny waist, you can offset your snaps, as such. So you’d make sure that you get a good fit around the legs and around the waist. So that is our one-sized candy! See ya!

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