Bamboo Delights are a One Size Fits Most (OSFM)

Bamboo Delights are a One Size Fits Most (OSFM), fitted, side snapping modern cloth nappy. With a description this long you might be a bit overwhelmed! But Vicki breaks it all down showing how Bamboo Delights are an easy, very versatile and highly absorbent cloth nappy. Their versatility really does shine when you add some boosting to convert them into a night nappy. So come take a look through what this unique nappy is like!


Transcription: Bamboo Delights are a One Size Fits Most (OSFM)

- Hi, everyone. I'm Becky from Bubble Bubs. I just wanted to give you a quick demo of our bamboo delights. They're a one size fitted nappy that do up at the side. So how they work and what they come with is you have got a snapping tri-folds. So that comes apart for quick and easier washing. So we snap our tri-fold in like this and fold into three poppa bean and then it fastens at the side very similar to our one size candy. So fitted nappies are excellent at nighttime in particular, they very easy to boost but you do need to remember that the nappy itself is completely absorbent. So that, does mean that it needs a waterproof cover to go over the top, so that can be a candy shell or it can be a cover will cover whoop is really nice. And If I actually unveil part of it, probably a little bit. But anyway, the combination a two part system is the bamboo delight and the cover.

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