Prefold cloth nappies: Bikini twist

Today we're talking Cotton Prefolds, specifically the bikini twist. The bikini twist isn't the most popular fold (that's reserved for the angel wing fold) but it is really useful for some specific reasons. The prefolds Jenna prepped to use for Archer were a little small (oops!) but that's ok because this fold is a great one to extend that width around their hips. The other things the bikini twist is great for is getting a really narrow fit between the legs and making sure all that absorbency is in the middle underneath, which is great for girls.


Transcription: Prefold cloth nappies: Bikini twist

Hi, I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs. I'm here today with Archer again. He's helping us with some pre-folds. I've got our cotton pre fold here. I've laid it underneath him, and today we will talk about the bikini twist. Now, the bikini twist isn't the most popular fold out there for pre folds, but some people love it, so I want to show you how to use it.


It's very easy to do, and it's great if the pre folds are a little too narrow around the hips, which this one currently is on Archer, so perfect. Lay it down under them, and what you do is get your two corners, and you twist it, like this. You get the legs out of the room. What you want to do is you want to create a little poo pocket here, basically. You want to make sure that sits there, and that all that absorbency is right over the front, which is really good for a boy especially. Then you pull it up, and see how because these are a little narrow on him at the moment, this is a really great fold to increase that ... Yeah, increase that width across there.


Then we'll pull this down. Then if you've got any extra, you can always fold it down like that. Again, boys' absorbency around the front is always easy, and girls, there's no harm in having that either. Yeah, especially if their tummy sleepers, and they're wearing it to bed. Yeah. And again, we'll put our cover on. Always need a waterproof cover with a pre fold. These are our PUO gusseted covers. The great part of this is with any two-step system you've got lots of poo protection, especially in this young stage, where things are nice and explosive. You've got your nice seal there, with your double gussets, and I always like to think it's easiest to pick him up, and give him a big cuddle, and then just check you're all tucked in at the back there.


Archer's got his little terry tailing nappy, which is his favourite toy. Yeah. Good branding. Very own brand.

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