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  • Pebbles and an all-in-one modern cloth nappy

    Vicki takes us on a quick walk through of a newborn Pebbles. Pebbles and an all-in-one modern cloth nappy for babies around 2.2kg - 5.5kg and are ideal for the first few weeks of sleep deprived nappy changes! With a snake booster sewn in for quick drying, the nappy comes complete with no inserts to snap in - just wash and you are ready to go! The closest alternative you will find for single use nappies. Vicki demonstrates how easy Pebbles are to use and shares the important tip of stretching out the nappy, then rolling the leg elastics in to have a comfortable leak-free fit on baby.
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  • How to put on Pebbles modern cloth nappies.

    Vicki shows us how to put a Pebbles all-in-one cloth nappy on newborn baby Brock. Pebbles are part of our newborn modern cloth nappies range. They are one of the fastest and easiest cloth nappies to put on, obviously, this comes with advantages and disadvantages as Vicki explains.
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