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  • What is a prefold and how is it different to a flat?

    What is a prefold and how is it different to a flat? This common question is answered by Vicki who describes the differences between the two. While both are traditional nappies, the prefold is smaller and has more absorbency through the middle making it easier to fold than a traditional flat nappy.
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  • Night nappy: prefold cloth nappy with boosters

    Today we show you how to turn your Cotton Prefold into a night nappy. Simply get some boosting, whatever you have around will work, here Jenna has used Candie boosters and added them between the prefold cloth nappy and the cover. And bam! You have a night nappy!
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  • Prefold cloth nappies: Padfold

    Today we're talking Cotton Prefolds, specifically the padfold. The padfold is a great way to extend the use of your prefolds when they no longer fit around bub or just a cheap way to boost your Candies stash.
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  • How to put a prefold on a newborn

    Hi, I’m Vickie from Bubblebubs, and today I’m with baby Brock. He’s six days young and about 3.2 kilos. And what I want to show you today is how to pop a pre-fold on a newborn. 
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