Our latest release all in two cloth nappy prints are here!
Featuring an earth, sea and sky theme these are available while stocks last


We're excited to share these new prints with you, especially as they are our first to be released as PUL Candie shells (instead of minky).

These are all available for purchase individually or as part of a value pack

Also available in double pocket wetbags and changemats


Iris is the personification of the rainbow in Greek mythology,

so the perfect name for this gorgeous rainbow print.

Cute Baby Wearing Cloth Nappy


Zephyr was the Greek god of the west wind and is also a light gentle breeze, 

exactly what's needed for a spot of hot air ballooning!

Cute Baby Wearing Cloth Nappy


 Tapio was the god of forests in Finnish mythology,

the stylised koru type shapes in this print give it a bit of a NZ forest feel.

Cute Baby Wearing Cloth Nappy


Loki was the Norse god of mischeif and trickery,

don't let this cute face fool you!

Cute Baby Wearing Cloth Nappy


Poseidon was the Greek God of the sea.

The beachy feel to this print will remind you of summer on the coldest winter days!

Cute Baby Wearing Cloth Nappy


Sedna was the goddess of the sea and marine animals in Inuit mythology,

so sums up these whales and lighthouses perfectly.

Cute Baby Wearing Cloth Nappy