newborn baby in bambam

If you are looking for help on which nappy to choose you've come to the right place, Bubblebubs specialise in quality newborn cloth nappies!

Newborn cloth nappy options:

 flat cloth nappy and PUL cover

Flat nappy with a cover

Just like your mum used and hers before, the traditional terry flat nappy is the most economical cloth nappy for a newborn. With a good fitting PUL cover you will have a pretty good nappy combination. The disadvantage is that explosive poo may leak out of the nappy but if you have a gusseted, well fitting PUL cover it will contain the mess before it ends up on your lap!

bamboo prefold and PUL cover

Prefold nappy with a cover

A prefold is another really economical way to cloth nappy your newborn. A prefold is a lot trimmer than a traditional flat nappy and requires no oragami lessons to learn how to put them on. They do suffer the same disadvantages as the traditional terry flat but with a well fitting, gusseted PUL cover any mess should be contained.

How to use a prefold


fitted modern cloth nappy with PUL cover

Fitted nappy with a cover

This is, in our opinion, the most proven combination for a newborn. A fitted nappy has elastic around the legs and waist which will contain explosive poos and in the unlikely event anything does get through, a well fitted, gusseted PUL cover will catch it. Our bambams are such an example of this and they will fit your newborn no matter what shape or size they are, in fact we will give you your money back if they don't fit your newborn!

How to use a fitted nappy


all in two cloth nappies

All in two nappy

These are the easiest nappy to use for a newborn as it's a one step system. The disadvantage is that there is only 1 layer of defence between to protect against poonami's!

How to use an all in two


One sized nappy vs Sized

If you are looking for a birth to potty nappy then our Candies would be a great choice. All one sized nappies are bulky on newborns as that's the nature of them but they do work very well. As a rule they will fit 80% of babies from birth whereas a newborn sized nappy will fit all babies from birth.