About Bubblebubs

Bubblebubs was created in 2004 co-coinciding with the birth of my daughter Abbi. As I'd given up a corporate job I felt my new job was to save money as I wasn't bringing in an income so cloth nappies became the obvious choice. Not long after I started making nappies for Abbi I had friends asking for me to make them nappies and from there my business was born. With 15 years experience in this industry you can trust that my team and I know what they're talking about and we've seen it all in that time. You don't stay in business for that long unless you have great products and great customer service and most importantly great customers! Rest assured that as a customer of Bubblebubs you will be treated like royalty because quite frankly without you there is no business!


Our Products

Over the years our original All in One nappy has gone through many changes based on customer feedback and as a result, our nappies have been worn by thousands of babies! In 2008 coinciding with the birth of my 2nd daughter I developed our super popular newborn nappy the 'bambam' This award-winning nappy continues to outperform all other newborn nappies and we guarantee this nappy to fit every single newborn or we give you your money back! In 2009 our One Sized, All in Two Candies were our first mass-produced nappy. They have become incredibly popular with their side snapping closure they fit beautifully from birth through to toddler and even beyond!



We partner with factories in China and Pakistan, of which I visit regularly to ensure quality standards are as high as they can be and most importantly are happy and well looked after. I didn't take the decision to outsource overseas lightly at all and aside from our high-quality expectations, our factories and most importantly the women that make our nappies are paid a fair and living wage and their working conditions are 2nd to none. There are a few things we refuse to sacrifice to produce our nappies including worker's conditions and quality. Price always comes in as a very low priority so our products aren't the cheapest on the market but you can bet they are the best quality!

Core Values

People First – We treat our staff like family and our customers as our #1 priority.

Passion – We love what we do and do what we love.

Product – We never compromise on quality. Everything we make is the BEST it can be.

Philanthropy – We believe in giving back. We support the betterment of communities around the world.

About Me 

My business was born from a desire to stay at home with my kids whilst still 'making ends meet' Whenever I've grown the business and needed staff I have looked for staff that are wanting the same thing both here and offshore. Never at any stage would I feel comfortable for a mum like me having to give up time with her precious child to make our nappies that's just not how I operate. Your custom is very much appreciated and we promise to do our absolute best to bring you great customer service along with great products and if at any time you would like to know anything about our products you can call me directly on 0433 845123



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