Get More for Less with Our Cloth Nappy Bundle

If you're looking to switch to reusable nappies, buying them in a bundle can help you save at least 50%. Bundles are designed to cater to different stages of your cloth nappy journey, making it easy for you to choose the right one for your needs. Not only does this help you save money in the long run, but it also allows you to reduce your environmental footprint by reducing waste.

a newborn infant and toddler waring white candie cloth nappies on a white background

Normal Price $1697.05 Pack Price $849

Birth To Toddler Pack.

This birth to toddler pack comes with all the cloth nappies you need from when your baby comes into the world to when they no longer need a nappy. Bubblebubs cloth nappies are made to last. Not only will this pack cloth nappy your first but also your second and third one.

Pack includes:

24 Candie Cloth Nappy
24 Bambam Newborn Cloth Nappy
6 Bambam Covers
4 Snappi Nappy Closure
2 Pebbles Newborn Cloth Nappy
1 Change Mat

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bambam cloth nappy on a sleeping newborn baby. on a soft white background with a snapi doing the cloth nappy up

Normal Price $795.25 Pack Price $395

Newborn Full Time Pack

The Bambam full-time pack includes everything to cloth nappy your newborn, no matter how small (1.1kg). Soft and absorbent, nothing is more natural against your baby's skin.
* Considered bomb-proof against leaks
* Molds to fit newborns perfectly. Fits from 1.1kg to 8kg
* Designed to last
* Soft Elastic, No Pins Or Nappy Origami
* Made Of Thick, Soft, Lush Bamboo Terry
* Australian Designed And Ethically Created
* Easy To Wash And Quick Drying
* Easy To Use Newborn cloth nappy
* Learn More about the [Bambam]

Pack includes
* 24 Bambams
* 6 Covers
* 2 Snappi
* 2 Pebbles

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baby in a white cloth nappy by bubblebubs

Normal Price $939.70 Pack Price $450

Candie Full Time Pack

The Candies are one-sized fits most side-snapping cloth nappy. They fit from around 3.5kgs. Choose from either a Minky or PUL outer shell in fashionable colours and limited edition prints. Inside the nappy, you'll find a snap in trifold and lay in booster, both made from super-absorbent high-quality materials. The Candie is Australia's most awarded all-in-two cloth nappy. The Candie is a hard-working and reliable cloth nappy; you will pick up first out of your cloth nappy stash.

Pack Includes.
* 24 Candie Cloth Nappies
* 1 Candie Pod Wet Bag
* 1 Change Mat

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