Vicki demonstrates the BoPeep

Vicki demonstrates the BoPeep, a trim side snapping all-in-two newborn modern cloth nappy on Archer. Archer is a sweet 3kg newborn. With his tiny legs, Vicki shows how to fit the cloth nappy and achieve a good leg seal - the key to ensuring a leak free fit.


Transcription: Vicki demonstrates the BoPeep

- Hi everyone. I'm Vicki from Bubble Bubs. And today I have got little baby Archer. Who has actually just come back out of hospital. So he's weighing about three kilos now. And what we're going to do is we're going to show you our new Bo-Peep, and how that actually fits on a three kilo baby versus the candies. So here we go. I have got it all set up. So we do have some videos on how the Bo-Peep goes together, but it's just like the candy. It comes with the little trifold on there. As with all babies, be prepared. So having a pair of hands would of been good but I wasn't prepared. So just trying to cover him up. So what we do is just bring the trifold up, like this. And I'm going to quickly, oh you didn't see that, nevermind. I know sweetie we're gonna get this on as quickly as we can. So being a side snap, we're gonna bring the wings around and snap it up on him. And I reckon we're gonna get close to the edge. He's got the tiniest little legs. And we'll do the same on the other side, here. I know darling, I know. And so what I'm doing is just snapping, and my hands are cold too so I feel really sorry for him. So anyway, the most important thing with any nappy, especially for a newborn, is to make sure that you've got a good leg seal. So can you see that? That is not a good leg seal. So what I'm gonna do is I am going to tighten this up. Now if he had a bigger waist we'd be able to leave the snap on the other one, but I'm just going to move both the snaps and move on. I know. And you can see there how we have got a much better seal around the legs, and I'm just popping that into the leg creases there. So you can see that's actually a nice trim fitting nappy, and I'm going to give him a big cuddle. My darling. Oh, I can smell what you just did. So, that is our new little Bo-Peep. Brand new and brand new christened. So we will change that, and oh-- You did a burp. So what I'll do is I will show you how a candy fits on that in the next video. We might split them together. Say bye.

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