Cloth Nappy Trial Packs.

We use high-quality materials so you can cloth nappy multiple kids. Our nappies have won more awards than any other brand. But the person we want to impress is you. We can write pages of content on how good our cloth nappies are, but you may believe none of it until you have our cloth nappies in your hand. 

That is why we have been offering trial packs for over 10 years. The trial packs below are for whatever stage you are at in your cloth nappy journey. Having the cloth nappy in your hand will also answer questions that can not be answered any other way.

What newborn cloth nappy will I use? Which one will my partner use?
Will I like Minky or PUL outter on my cloth nappy?

The list goes on.

We just have one condition.
1. You may only buy one of the following trial packs.

Birth To Toilet Training Trial Pack

This is the trial pack to choose if your baby has not arrived yet. You get to try out all of our newborn reusable nappies. Newborn nappies are made so you do not have to use a disposable nappy during those early stages no matter how small (1.1kg) Having a bomb proof nappy is important when your baby is transforming shape and size. Because you will change a newborn up to 12 times a day, this is the time you will save the most money and not fill your bin every week. These nappies will also cloth multiple children, so you only have to buy them once.

Total Pack Value: $205.15
Price: $99.95 & Free Shipping

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  • Pebbles | Newborn

    The pebbles are by far the easiest nappy there is. You put it on like a disposable and take it off as quickly. The big difference is you wash it. Everything you need is built into the nappy. It uses velcro to do it up, giving you a great fit as your baby changes shape. In the middle of the night, when you are changing the nappy after a feed, this nappy will help you keep your sanity. It is also a nappy that anyone can put on with almost no instruction. When someone asks if they can help hand them this nappy.

    Learn More About Newborn Cloth Nappies 
  • Bambam/Cover/Snappi | Newborn

    The Bambam is our most successful newborn nappy. It holds everything your baby can "throw" at it. Because it's a fitted nappy, it contours to the shape of your ever-changing baby. It has soft elastic around the legs and waist to keep everything inside. If you add our PUL cover over the top, you have two layers of protection. Hence the term bulletprof.

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  • BoPeep | Newborn

    The bopeep is a smaller version of the Candie, Australias most awarded cloth nappy, made to fit babies from 2.5kg, which is most babies. The bopeep has soft elastic around the leg and waist of the nappy, and the two rows of snaps give you a snug fit each time. It's also very quick to put on and need very little preparation.

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  • 2 x Candie | Infant To Toddler

    The Candie is the cloth nappy you will use the most. You can start using it when your baby is past the newborn stage (about 3 months). It is the nappy you will use until your baby is toilet trained.

    It’s easy to use and configurable with the amount of absorbency. It comes with a Tri-Fold and Booster. Together that’s 12 layers of super absorbent bamboo/cotton. The two rows of snaps makes sure you get a snug fit around the tummy and lets.

    Easy to put on and take off and comes apart for quick drying ready to use again in almost no time.

    Learn More About The Candie 
  • Portable Change Mat (Random Print)

    If there’s one thing I hate about nappy changes out of the house, it’s putting bubs down to change them. You just never know how clean the baby change station in wherever you are and it’s great peace of mind being able to lay your little love on something you can guarantee is 100% clean.Not only that but when you’re at a friend’s house and need to change baby, you don’t have to feel awkward about dirtying their sheets…or furniture…or carpets in the process.

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Candie Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

This trial pack is for someone whose baby has arrived and is over 3.5kg. We only do one infant to toddler cloth nappy. The Candie is a perfect balance of containment and convince. The nappy does up with 2 rows of snaps to give a snug tummy and let fit that your toddler cannot take off.

The absorbency is configurable, includes a tri-fold and booster with each nappy. Giving you 12 layers of super absorbent bamboo with a stay dry liner.

The Candie is Australias most awarded cloth nappy.

Pack Contains

2 x Candie Cloth Nappies
1 x Bonus Portable Change Mat
1 x 50% Off Your Next Purchase Voucher
Price: $49.95 & Free Shipping

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Bambam Trial Pack

Bambams are a fitted cloth nappy specifically designed to fit every single newborn no matter how small they are! Made from 2 layers of thick and lush bamboo terry means the whole nappy is not only super absorbent but it molds to fit a newborn perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, We guarantee itBambams close with a snappi giving a much better fit than a snap or touch tape closure. If you aren't a fan of snappi's that's ok, when your baby is young they don't move around very much so you can use the cover to close them.As Bambams are fitted nappies they do require a cover, we recommend using one of our PUL Gusseted Covers as the perfect combination. A fitted nappy and a gusseted cover will contain anything your baby can throw at it!Trial Pack Includes2 x Bambam
1 x PUL Cover
1 x Snappi
1 x Portable Change Mat | Random Print1 x 50% Off Your Next Purchase

Price: $49.95 & Free Shipping

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