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40% off selected Complete Candies, Pebbles, BoPeeps, Rash Vests and Change Mats. Min purchase $150.
40% off selected Complete Candies, Pebbles, BoPeeps, Rash Vests and Change Mats. Min purchase $150.

Newborn Nappies


How to choose a newborn nappy or you can shop newborn cloth nappies

Every newborn cloth nappy we make starts as a flat piece of fabric. The difference is the amount of work we do to make that nappy. That translates to the amount of work you have to do every time you put that nappy on. In the newborn stage, which is the first three months, you will change the nappy 10 to 12 times a day. Over three months, that is 1080 times. So if you can save 60 seconds putting on a nappy, that would be 18 hours it will save. When many of those changes take place in the middle of the night, you may consider that money well spent.
The other thing to consider is how well the nappy will fit a newborn and how well it will contain everything thrown at it.
So I have a chart to show you the difference.


 newborn cloth nappy chart

Here is a quick overview of all the newborn nappies we have. Click the name of each nappy to find out more.


So let us talk about the Bambam first. The Bambam is our most successful newborn nappy. It holds everything your baby can "throw" at it. Because it's a fitted nappy, it contours to the shape of your ever-changing baby. It has soft elastic around the legs and waist to keep everything inside. If you add our PUL cover over the top, you have two layers of protection. Hence the term bulletproof.


The bopeep is a smaller version of the Candie, Australias most awarded cloth nappy, made to fit babies from 2.5kg, which is most babies. The bopeep has soft elastic around the leg and waist of the nappy, and the two rows of snaps give you a snug fit each time. It's also very quick to put on and need very little preparation.


The pebbles are by far the easiest nappy there is. You put it on like a disposable and take it off as quickly. The big difference is you wash it. Everything you need is built into the nappy. It uses velcro to do it up, giving you a great fit as your baby changes shape. In the middle of the night, when you are changing the nappy after a feed, this nappy will help you keep your sanity. It is also a nappy that anyone can put on with almost no instruction. When someone asks if they can help hand them this nappy.


These are the nappies your grandmother would have used. They are a simple flat piece of absorbent fabric you will need to fold to fit the baby. A great nappy for containment, but you will need to practice as not everyone is good at it when they start. You do need to put a cover over the nappy. To do it up, you will need to use pins (not recommended), a Snappie, or you can use the cover to keep it closed.


A prefold is also a flat piece of fabric, but we have added an extra layer through the middle. You do not need to prefold it to put on. But it can be a challenge, just like a flat nappy. It also requires a separate way to do it up like pins (not recommended) or a Snappie.

Which nappy do Bubblebubs recommend?

How many nappies do I need?

Those questions are answered in our value backs.
We have Birth to toddler packs which have everything you need from Birth to toilet training. In your choice of newborn nappy bundled with the Candie cloth nappy which will take you to toliet training. It also includes the over little thing you will need to change nappies. Cloth wipes, foamy wipes wash for bad ones, botty balm, wet bags, so you do not use plastic bags, even a change mat for when you are out and about. Even a huge wet bag you will use hanging on the door as you nappy pail.

Trial Packs

You will also find trial packs of the above newborn nappies so you can see if you like them. If not, you can return it—more details on our Nappy Guarantee page.


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