How to use a wet bag

10 uses for your Bubblebubs Wetbags - not just for nappies!

If you thought your wetbag was only good for handling used on-the-go nappies, think again! These waterproof, zipper-containing bags are such a versatile product - well worth stocking up on.

Here are 10 ways you can use your wetbag.

1. Swimming bag. Whether it's the beach, pool or lake, toss the kids wet togs into the wetbag for the journey home.

2. Travel laundry bag. For the weekend visits, use the wetbag to store your dirty laundry. It keeps all of those clean (didn't really need to pack) clothes safe in your suitcase.

3. Make-up or Toiletries bag. A wetbag is a great place to store your makeup and toiletries, especially for those unexpected leaks whilst travelling!

4. Workout clothes. To contain your sweaty gym clothes, keep a spare wetbag in your gym bag and stop the smells from getting into everything else.

5. Breast pump storage. You want to have a few cheeky wines whilst on holiday so that means you will need to pump away from home. Use a wetbag to keep all of your pump parts in a safe place.

6. Make-shift ice pack. For the "owwies" - pop some ice into your wetbag and apply to the sore spot. The wetbag will contain the melting ice for you.

7. Vomit bag. I know! These wetbags are great for containing all manner of bodily fluid. And sturdy so you won't have the bottom of the bag breaking issue....ergh.

8. Beach bag. Why not use a wetbag to store your sunscreen and save it from the sand. That has got to be a pet peeve of mine...sand on the top of the opened suncream bottle!

9. Cloth pad bag. If you use cloth pads, a wetbag is the perfect place to store rinsed but not washed pads.

10. A dry bag!! Although it is designed to keep water in, the good old wetbag is pretty good at keeping moisture out too. Use it to store your keys and mobile phone when you're at the beach or pool. If your bag has two pouches, use one for keeping things dry and the other for the wet items.

How else do you use your wetbags?

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