10 ways to use muslin flat nappies

Muslin flats are cheap and versatile. They're absorbent and durable. But are you using yours to their fullest potential? Or have you looked at them online and wondered what you would actually do with them? Let's explore 10 ways to use a flat muslin cloth nappy.

As a flat nappy. Let's start with what they're actually intended for. Check out these two videos. In the first Vashti (from Nest Nappies) teaches Vicki (the owner and nappy nerd extraordinaire at Bubblebubs) how to use a flat nappy. You can see how quickly Vicki picks it up when she tries for herself, on a real, live baby!

A mum changing a baby's muslin flat cloth nappy on the floor.

As a booster for a night nappy. You can fold a muslin flat down and insert it between a prefold or Bamboo Delightand the cover to boost and create enough absorbency for a night nappy. Muslin flats are very thin and absorbent so they're perfect for this. They might not be quite enough for a heavy wetter but with how thin they are two wouldn't be hard to fit in.

As a swaddle. They make a perfect swaddle, especially in warm weather. They're light and breathable. At 80x80cm they're large enough to get a nice snug swaddle going to lull your baby off to dreamland. Note from one mum to another: Just because a baby cries as you swaddle them doesn't mean they don't like it. No baby likes getting swaddled but that doesn't mean they don't like being swaddled. So give it a solid go before giving up. Just remember with a swaddle you want a firm pressure across the chest but not too tight from the hips down, don't constrict those legs too much.

As a burp cloth. We all know babies are disgusting and you can never have too many burp cloths to drape over your shoulder and protect you from those little possets.

As extra inserts in your pockets/all-in-twos. Fold a flat down into a nice neat rectangle and pop it in an extra Candie shell or other all-in-two or pocket nappy and you have a trim, absorbent insert. Note: Some babies might prefer a microfleece liner on top to keep them nice and dry.

As dusting and cleaning cloths. They're so absorbent which is wonderful as a nappy but also great for cleaning up spills and let's face it. Who spills more and makes more mess than a baby? A toddler obviously 😂😂 Children at all ages are pretty gross so extra cloths to wipe up with are always handy. And when they've mastered the art of not spilling milk on the floor they make great dusting rags.

As tea towels. You can never have too many tea towels, right? These are great for drying up because they're so thirsty.

As an all-purpose cloth. Keep one in your nappy bag for whatever you need. Keeping them in the nappy bag means they're there for whatever it is you need while you're out and about. A shawl, a blanket, a cleaning cloth. All the things. My favourite is to wipe down slides and swings when they're damp in the morning.

Doll or stuffed animal blankets. Does your little one need to tuck teddy in before they get tucked in? These are the perfect size for this and all other make-believe needs.

To make whatever this is... 🤔 One of our clever customers whipped up this little comforter for their bub using one of our muslin flats. Talk about creative!

Muslin flat cloth nappy comforter.

** Edited to add: We have an eleventh use: gift wrapping! Check out this blog post to find out more. **

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