5 Flat nappy accessories worth investing in

Style meets substance when using these essential reusable flat nappy accessories.


A rainbow of snappis to be used with cloth nappies Australia.
  1. The Snappi

An essential and no brainer to help secure your favourite cloth nappy folds and escape the nappy pin stabs and pricks of days gone by. These small grippers form a Y-shaped to grip and hold the nappy. Coming in every colour of the rainbow, they are truly a versatile accessory!


Reusable nappy cover with dinosaurs on it.
  1. The Cover

On top of a classic piece (a crisp white flat nappy), you need to have an on-trend statement piece. This is where The Cover shines! Coming in every seasonal colour and print, these pieces truly define you and your baby as Modern Cloth Nappy Fashionistas. Bonus: they are waterproof, yet very breathable and comfortable.


Cloth night nappy boosting options including prefolds, muslin flat cloth nappies, trifolds and boosters hanging on a coat hanger.
  1. Boosters

A range of boosters are essential in any cloth nappy wardrobe. Taking your cloth nappies from day to night, or just getting a bit more time between changes if needed. These are a hidden accessory, meaning you can choose from a wide range of options that best suit your budget or your baby’s needs. Types of boosters can include: 3 Layer Bamboo Booster, 2 Layer Microfleece Topped Booster, Prefold, Night Time Booster Set, All in Two Booster Set, Cotton Muslin, Bamboo Muslin, face washcloths, tea towels, or anything that is absorbent and can be fold down into a pad shape!


  1. Microfleece Liners

In the quest for a clean and dry toosh, microfleece liners are a paramount accessory. Like boosters they truly shine when taking baby’s flat from day to night. Liners also have a dual purpose, helping keep your flats in pristine condition, protecting them from creams and messy soiling.


Reusable cloth wipes in a rainbow of colour made from luxuriously soft bamboo velour.
  1. Wipes

Introducing the reusable nappy’s best friend, the cloth wipe. A true investment piece to add to your cloth collection. Cloth wipes outperform any of their counterparts and take no additional effort to use, apart from a quick spritz of water or wipe solution. A versatile piece that can also be used for hands and faces, mopping up spills, cleaning highchairs and tables – even a make-do nappy booster if needed!

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