Hanging tips for cloth nappies

5 Hanging Tips

How to hang your cloth nappies:

Here are our top tips to reduce drying time and make sure your nappies last.

#1 Save your elastics by hanging your shells, and other elasticised nappies like Bambams, on their side. Simply peg a top and bottom tab keeping the elastic slack, don’t pull it taut. If long drying times are not an issue for you, try snapping a top and bottom tab together over the line or simply hang the crotch over the line, hamburger style. You need less pegs and get more space on your line.

#2 Use the sun to bleach out those pesky stains. Hang your shells inside out to expose the poo catching side to the sun. BUT remember that too much direct sun exposure can damage the PUL and elastic in your shells so maybe keep them at the back of the line or bring them in as soon as they are dry rather than waiting until all of your inserts are dry too.

#3 Hang your inserts from the shortest side to maximise sun exposure across the line and face the most exposed side of your insert to the sun. Folding inserts over the line increases the length of time required to dry and reduces sun exposure.

#4 Always use the same coloured pegs for each piece of laundry. In fact, it’s ideal to use the same type of peg for each type of nappy part too….wait, that’s just my irrational OCD-self talking out loud!!

#5 Peg the insert and shell adjacent to each other to help organise your washing once it’s dry…although somewhat OCD, this really does help me to reduce the nappy “making” time if I have brought the dry washing in!

Do you have any other hints or tips when hanging your nappy stash?

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