Australian Nappy Association's Cloth Nappy Awards series - Winner One Size Fits Most

After being blown away by the support and love from the results of the Australian Nappy Association's Cloth Nappy Awards we've decided to do a blog series focussing on each of our award-winning products. This week we're finding out why YOU love Candies. The Candie is our best-selling all-in-two modern cloth nappy and we are so proud that it won the One Size Fits Most category. If you want to learn more about the Candie check out this video. We think it's a pretty phenomenal product and could go on about how great it is all day but instead, I thought I'd put it to all of you, the people who know best, the BubbleMums. So here it is...

Why did you buy your Candies? And why do you continue to buy them?

Keryn McMartin I loved that they are a local company and approachable. Initially, I liked they were solid colours - there weren’t many nappies like that around. Fast to dry in the dryer if I get lazy or it rains lots (covers on an airer and inserts in the dryer). Easy to assemble and put on - no rise snaps help too (both with assembling and putting on). Good value nappy that lasts and also have good demand and value secondhand. The effort Vicki goes to with ensuring the factories are up to her ethical and manufacturing standards is the icing on the cake - I don’t know any other companies (nappy or otherwise) that have the same amount of transparency and care with how their products are manufactured. And I forgot community! When you buy a nappy from BB you are never alone. Each customer is treated as #1 priority if they need help or in the unlikely event something isn’t right with a nappy. Sometimes the help is from BB HQ or other BB families 😍

Yulia Taylor I picked Candies to try because they were recommended and the trial pack + voucher meant I couldn't go wrong $ wise. Bought more because they were the easiest to use and explain how to use without all the front snaps to change sizes. It meant when we were starting it was as easy as a disposable. Now I love them because even with the wriggly, squirmy worm that has replaced my child, I can get a good fit and even if it's not perfect in the leg seal we don't get leaks. They are forgiving!

Amanda Calder  I made my first purchase at a baby expo, it was great to see them in person and chat to Vicki. I felt at ease purchasing. I bought more because I loved the fit, quality and absorbency. Also the customer service! They are trim and mostly bomb proof! We’ve never had a leak, even when he first started daycare and he came home with one on backwards!

Keya Calhoun I found candies while searching online, the reviews sold me and I’ve never used another daytime nappy since. I love them because they fitted my 5-month-old perfect and they still fit him now his 20 months. I started with a trial pack then went on to purchase a 12 pack. Now I have 32 and love them.

Georgina Dowden I bought some after reading reviews and because like everyone else has mentioned, the trial pack was such a great way to try them. We had a few fit and leak issues in the beginning but being my first time using cloth it was just a matter of learning to put them on properly. Once we figured that out they were the easiest to fit for me, hubby and grandparents, compared to other brands. We recently tried another brand and they were infuriating!! Always leaked, difficult to fit, didn’t like the inserts.
So we sold them and bought more Candies! Now we only have Candies!! We use the booster now with my boy and I can easily get 4 hours out of a Candie if I need to.... have even managed 5!! Unheard of in the other brands I have tried.

Megan Southerington Initially they were recommended to me and the trial pack was great. We knew we wanted all-in-twos, and tried a few different ones. Since then, loved the side snapping, found them easy to fit and they're not super bulky on my trim 3-month-old. Plus hubby loves them, so win-win!

Claire Kroehn I picked candies after reading 100's of reviews on the MCN reviews pages. I got a trial pack and had planned on using some CC's too but decided against that after receiving my trial pack. I was so happy with them I didn't need to go elsewhere and baby was still inside at that point. The only things I was interested in when researching was ease of use & absorbency. I didn't want to be stuffing pockets or dealing with leaks frequently. Bubblebubs seemed to be popular and I had seen multiple people say they sold other brands to stock up on more candies. That is always a good sign for easy + absorbent! I buy more because they are so cute and I have a problem. I love the candies because they are so easy to use and care for. They are almost bulletproof. No leaks except for poor fit usually in our house, contain explosions on our allergy baby (allergy mums will get this!) They are really good quality and I wanted something that will last at least 2 babies and be able to resell. They are pretty easy to fit on a wriggly almost toddler and I find it quite therapeutic snapping them all back together. And they are so damn cute!

Alison Armstrong I was told to get a few different nappies before bub came and to try side snapping as well as front snapping. I got an expo deal and loved them from the time I started using them. They have fitted when my boy was chunky and not so chunky and easily last the longest. And not too bulky to with the trifold and booster. They also dry fairly quickly and have awesome patterns. By far my favourite nappy and the service that comes with them is amazing as well. And so many great accessories - wet bags, Foamy Wipes Wash, Botty Balm. So many great things!

Erin Corrieri We picked candies because they were recommended by so many people on MCN Reviews at the time. And I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the money back guarantee. Then I contacted Vicki for some advice on washing machines and quantity of nappies and she blew me away with her customer service. I knew straight away then that I wanted to invest our money in a company that was so helpful and transparent. Ethically made, beautiful prints and a range of accessories just sealed the deal too. We love our Foamy Wipes Wash!

Aline Jaeckel They were the only All in 1/All in 2 nappies that didn't leak for us. We tried plenty of others but they either didn't have the absorbancy we need for our heavy wetter or they left a big gap at the legs.

Kelly Nash I got a trial pack at an expo while pregnant because I knew I wanted to do cloth and wasn’t sure how to start - the lady at the expo stand explained Candies to me and they seemed so simple, good quality, and I wanted to support Australian business. Then the Aussie animal range came out and I had to get those because we rehabilitate wildlife. So I think we started off with 9 candies and a bunch of trial packs from other brands. Once bub actually arrived, I found Candies so easy to use, easy to fit, no rise snaps to fiddle with. They were easy for my husband and mum to use. So we got a bunch more. Plus the prints are adorable!

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