Australia's best cloth nappies, and awards to prove it

To say we are blown away by our success in the My Child Magazine awards is an understatement. At Bubblebubs we obviously work so hard to create products that we believe in and that you will love, but the response was still incredibly overwhelming. Our hearts are full knowing that you love what we do just as much as we love doing it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted in the awards. Your support means so much to us and gives us even more motivation to create beautiful and sustainable products for you and your families.

Here are the results from the awards:


Favourite nappy rash cream product
Bronze Award: Botty Balm

Our all-natural Botty Balm is a soothing balm made from ingredients such as calendula infused canola oil, hemp butter and Vitamin E. It can be used on sore bottoms and may relieve inflammation and redness. It’s not just great for bums though! The moisturising properties mean that Botty Balm is perfect for dry skin, eczema, windburn and a variety of other skin irritations. Available in five delicious flavours, there’s something for everybotty!


Favourite baby toy product
Gold Award: Doll Nappies

Why should mum and dad have all the cloth nappy fun? Well, now your toddler can join in with our itsy bitsy doll nappies. These cute little cloth nappies are perfect for imaginative play, helping your little ones to develop their fine motor skills and preparing them for their own future as responsible parents. Our doll nappies come in the same gorgeous prints as our Candies and fasten easily with Velcro for little hands. See here (insert link) for sizing on a range of different dolls.

Favourite online store
Gold Award: Bubblebubs 

The team here at Bubblebubs were absolutely blown away by the voter response to this category. We aim to make our online store as user-friendly as possible and stock a range of products and packs to suit every budget. Knowing that our customers feel comfortable and excited to shop online means we’re getting it right, and there really is no better feeling!


Favourite swimwear product
Silver Award: Bubblebubs Droplets

Perfect for the pool, the beach or splashing around under the sprinkler, our Droplets swim nappies have become a fast favourite with our customers. With ingenious side snaps, firm but gentle elastics and a range of prints, they are thoughtfully designed and made. Complete with their own mini-wetbag, they make prepping for summer swims a breeze. Stay tuned for more great spring/summer products which are sure to make waves!


Favourite reusable nappy product
Gold Award: Bubblebubs Candies

Bubblebubs Candies are our all-in-two side snapping nappy. In a range of gorgeous limited edition prints and vibrant solids, PUL and luscious minky, we cater to the tastes of all nappy lovers. Our Candies are a one size fits most nappy and are guaranteed to fit from 4-15kgs. The results really speak for themselves; you love them, we love them, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!

Thank you again to all who voted. We love sharing this journey with you and hope that you continue to enjoy your Bubblebubs products just as much as we do!

- Kat Edwards

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