Bubblemums talk flat cloth nappies

Bubblemums talk flat cloth nappies

Looking at a big square of fabric and your baby’s bottom, then thinking, ‘How do I get THIS on THAT?’ is enough to frighten any mum! But worry not, Bubblemums to your rescue! We have asked our amazing community of parents to describe what they love about flat cloth nappies and their favourite folds. These flat-wielding gurus will have you folding cloth nappy with ease and confidence like a laundry superstar.

The most popular folds among Bubblemums are the Batwing fold (also known as Origami fold), Kite fold, Gaynor’s fold (also known as the Pickman fold) and pad-folding. Different folds allow absorbency and sizing to be fully customised to your baby as well as take advantage of all the different reasons to embrace flat cloth nappies.

Kat – “Batwing for sure. Easy to hide a booster inside the fold to to keep it in place.”

Natisha – “My favourite fold is the Batwing fold. The key is to do the rolls when bringing it around the leg to make a gusset to catch poonamis. My little boy is a huge wetter, this one is super easy to boost in between it and the cover without being too bulky. It's an easy fold to remember. I use during the day and as a night nappy. When he was newborn I folded the pad about 4 times and now he's 4 months we fold pad 3 times. I love flats because no matter how big the poo, it washes out so easy and they dry quick!”

Sarah – “Batwing fold. Easy to fold and works well for our heavy wetting little boy.”

Ginny – “Kite fold with a folded down muslin, when my little one was a teeny tiny newborn. Lay it out, then bring the corners into the centre to make a smaller square, Kite fold and roll at the back to contain poo and roll the legs in. I switched to folding it into a small ‘prefold’ using angle wing and jelly roll folds. Before I switched again to the Batwing fold rolled at the back and around legs for a better fit. Kite fold is useful to hold a booster in place, and Batwing fold for a night nappy.”

Megan – “I use the Kite fold mostly, basically because I know that fold. Mum used it for us as kids and that’s what I was taught. I also use the Batwing fold it’s good for a longer duration as the padding is in the crotch. I love them for their versatility, using them for boosting and on wash days.”

Samantha – “Kite fold is always my go to as I find it the easiest to adjust between sizes and it was the one my mum taught me. Easiest to fold when folding them taking them off the line as well. Found the Kite fold can easily fit from newborn up and still use it for my 4-year-old if putting a flat on him for bed”.

See different folds in action with Vicki and Vashti, and then give a fold or two a go. You’ll soon be joining these Bubblemums in their love for the humble flat nappy!

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