Clothing Your Cloth Nappy Babe - Part 1

Big Butts and How to Dress Them

With the rise and rise of Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) more mums and dads, are asking for advice on what bubs can comfortably wear over their cloth bums. If you’re anything like me, you’re more likely to be asking how you can get more hours out of clothes so you can admire the gorgeous prints for longer (but, more on this in Part 2). So, while many don’t find it an issue at all, if clothes are a worry for you when considering reusable nappies, here are some tips for dressing your little love and their big butt.

Size up

Probably one of the easiest ways to ensure a roomy fit around the rump is to go up a size in clothing. This may be of particular use for teeny newborns who are in flats and covers and seem like they’ll never grow into their fluffy bums. Legs and sleeves can be rolled up if there’s still room to grow in these areas. However, dressing in the next size up can have its drawbacks: the waist or neckline may gape, and the sleeves can make bubs look like they’re about to take to the NFL field with all of the shoulders. It’s certainly one solution, but you will need to check the size of the overall garment to ensure your babe isn’t drowning in excess fabric. A drawstring waist rather than tight elastic in shorts or trousers can be a winner here if you’re thinking separates.

Harem Pants

Luckily loose pantaloons are totally on trend right now so harem pants are readily available from many retailers and online stores. Some trackies are also made with a drop crotch to suit bigger bums. This roomier style is perfect for a plush derrière and will withstand plenty of boosting to ensure an up-to-date look without the added leg length.

Onesie Extenders

When I first saw these I thought, why did I not come up with this idea myself?! Pure gold! Regardless of whether you are an MCN family or not, these little snap in extenders can be used to literally extend the life (and length) of your onesies. They come with press studs to attach to the undercarriage of your bodysuits so that they can be worn for more than three minutes as your baby grows, but they are also the perfect solution when needing extra length around baby’s nappy. Just make sure you check which studs will match the majority of the clothes you may already have.

Overalls or rompers

Most styles of overalls and/or rompers will have more space in the booty than traditional bodysuits. You can pair this look with a simple tee underneath in summer, if needed, or pop a jumper over the top in winter to wear all year round. Just check that the design you choose has bum access if you’re not keen on entirely stripping your bub every time they need a change.

Dresses/skirts and tunic tops

A simple solution for mums of girls is to put their babe in a cute skirt or dress. That’s not to say boys can’t wear them if they so choose! In winter, go up a size in leggings for underneath if needed, and roll the bottom if the length is an issue. Or check for leggings with a good amount of stretch.

Roomy brands

You will probably find that some brands are just roomier or stretchier than others. Stick to the brands that you know will fit a cushy tooshie and check that what you’re buying isn’t too rigid, like denim.

Truth be told, you probably won’t need to worry. Many brands of baby clothes are quite amply sized as they need to fit a range of ages, not just your specific bub. Modern Cloth Nappies are far trimmer than they used to be, especially when you nail the fit, so you are likely going to be able to get away with just about anything. If worries around dressing bubs are keeping you out of cloth, just know, there are thousands of families dressing their cloth kids every day. So, cross that worry off your list and jump into reusables!

- By Kat Ewards
Kat is currently on maternity leave with her adorable baby girl, and loving every minute. She and her partner are keen to do their bit for the environment and have been using cloth on bubs since she was 1 week old.

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