How to cloth nappy successfully - Part 2 Accessories

How to cloth nappy successfully - Part 2 Accessories

When it comes to cloth nappy accessories like any accessory it’s up to you whether you want to wear them all or be a minimalist but we’re here to help you break down the pros and cons of each so you can work out what to put on your must wear list. We’ll go through different types of liners, change mats, wetbags, wipes, pail liners and even breast pads (not strictly nappies but while we’re talking babies and reusable products let’s take a quick detour).


There are two types of liners available for cloth nappies: disposable and reusable. Disposable liners are great when bub’s poo becomes a bit more solid. They make for nice easy removal and clean up but they can hold wetness against the baby’s skin so if you have a little one that’s prone to nappy rash they might not be the best option. Reusable microfleece liners on the other hand draw moisture away from the baby so they are great for sensitive little behinds. They still make clean-up easier but obviously not as simple as a disposable liner.

Nappy Creams
At some point all parents will have to deal with the dreaded nappy rash and therefore nappy creams. There’s a million different types on the market from the grocery store options like Sudocream to our lovely and gentle Botty Balm. There’s some concern that using mainstream nappy creams with cloth nappies will cause a build up on your nappies, if you use warm or hot water and a good detergent this shouldn’t be an issue but just to be careful you can use a liner if you wish. How often you use nappy cream depends on your little one. Some parents get away with using it just when there’s a rash present but some find it best to use preventatively at every change. If they do have sensitive skin our Botty Balm is great on all kinds of delicate skin issues like eczema or windburn.

Onto wipes, my personal favourite cloth nappy accessory. For some reason I was a little hesitant when my friend told me she used cloth wipes but now I’m their biggest advocate. I’ll admit it’s partly because I just can’t use disposable wipes. I’m not good at them. Everytime I try to get one out of the packet I pull out a dozen and it always takes me three to clean up my son’s bottom. Whatever the reason, cloth wipes rock my world. Especially the new premium bamboo velour wipes, they come in beautiful colours and are like wiping your baby with a cloud. Ok, not quite but close. I swear! Cloth wipes are easy and effective. And if you’re already using cloth nappies, they’re basically no extra work. Give them a go and I’m sure like me, you’ll be a convert.

Cloth wipes can be simple or a bit fancy, that’s up to you.You can just wet with plain water, squeeze and wipe. Or you can take it up a notch and use our lovely Foamy Wipes Wash. It’s gentle on baby’s bum and comes in a plethora of amazing scents. And frankly if we have to change nappies all day, why not make it smell good?

If you’re clothing while out wetbags are pretty essential. Double pocket ones are great because you can keep clean in the front, dirty in the back; or pre-moistened wipes in the front, nappies in the back; or wee nappies in the front, poo in the back. Whatever works for you, it’s all flexible. Our wetbags come in all the gorgeous prints that the Candies do so we can’t blame you for wanting a few. They’re super handy for all sorts of things so having several at your disposal isn’t a terrible idea.

We’ve just added to our product list Extra Large wetbags. They hold about two days worth of nappies are a great solution if you want a hanging wetbag instead of a nappy pail or if you want to do cloth for a weekend away. They’d make a pretty handy laundry bag for travelling as well!

Change Mats
Obviously while changing bub you will need something to lie him or her on, why not something in a pretty pattern? I’m all for making chores more enjoyable with gorgeous little things and a pretty change mat is no exception. They come in all the same prints as the Candies and wetbags so you can be matchy matchy or complementary, whatever floats your boat. In a change mat you’re looking for something durable and waterproof for little accidents. These are great because they’re far less bulky that the stiff style that come in your nappy bag. You can probably get away with one but a second one wouldn’t hurt, we all know accidents happen especially with little ones.

Nappy pail liner
You might be tempted by a nappy pail liner (I know I was). They’re kind of like a big wetbag that goes in your nappy pail but they don’t allow any airflow and (as we will get into in our upcoming blog post about nappy care) airflow is key to reducing smell when it comes to dry pailing, so I would give the pail liner a miss.

Breast pads
Last but not least, breast pads. While not strictly a nappy accessory, you’ll need them at the same time so they’re worth a mention. Reusable breast pads are made of similar absorbent fabrics to nappies. They feel lovely and soft against your breast and are far nicer than plasticy disposable ones, not to mention another money and environment saver right there. Be careful to use a delicates bag when washing so they don’t get swallowed up by your machine! Keep an eye out when buying breastpads for ones that contain a PUL layer to protect from leaking through. Ours have such a layer and as a bonus are a beautifully soft bamboo velour.

Now that we’ve been through all the options the important thing is to weigh everything up and see what fits for you, your baby and your lifestyle. Give everything a go, you might be surprised by with accessories become your ‘must haves’.

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