Making a Splash with Droplet Swim Nappies

Making a Splash with Droplet Swim Nappies

Ok, so I’ll be the first to put up my hand and say that I have washed and reused disposable swim nappies in an effort to be a bit more sustainable. My swim school didn’t allow reusable swim pants at the time so it really was my only option, apart from finding a new swim centre even further away from where we live. When the centre finally came around to the idea of modern swim nappies (albeit under a swimsuit!) we were so excited to research different brands and see what would be the best for us.

At the beach and in our friends’ pools we had been using a second-hand reusable nappy shell over the summer because I was too afraid to use my good reusable nappies in the chlorine. When I heard that Bubblebubs had released a swim nappy, I was keen to compare it to other swim nappies on the market and dip my toe into the world of eco-swimming. Now spring is on our doorstep, there’s no better time for you and your babe to take the reusable swim nappy plunge.

Not all nappies are created equal

Side snaps:
Just like my Bubblebubs Candies, the Droplets are a side snapping nappy. For anyone who has tried to drag an elasticated swim pant full of what appears to be breakfast, lunch, dinner and half the back garden down bub’s wet legs, you will know that it is near on impossible to do so without a healthy dose of chaos and cursing. Fortunately, my little one doesn’t generally let lunch loose when we’re out for a swim, but I know that on the days it does happen, whipping off the Droplet is as easy as unsnapping and lifting bub straight out of the danger zone. This is especially useful when there’s no one else around to assist- I can even do it one-handed if need be!

Firm elastics:
It’s everyone’s worst nightmare even just entertaining the idea of baby’s breakfast floating to the surface mid-swim. Another exceptional feature of the Droplet is the firmness of the elastics around both the waist and legs. It was certainly a nice surprise that the Droplet managed to save my girl’s breastfed poo from the surrounding water, which can be a tough task for any nappy, swim style or otherwise. The elastics are nice and stretchy but so not too tight that they leave deep marks. Having said that, they do run small in order to achieve that firmness so, you can refer to the website or email the Bubblebubs team to see what would best suit your bub if you’re not sure about sizing.

Sized for snugness:
Droplets swim nappies are not a One Size Fits Most style, rather they are a sized nappy to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for all that energetic doggy-paddling. The nappies come in newborn through to large size. We chose the “small” for my three-month 5.5kg girl, and it still fits three months later at 7kgs with room to spare. Even though the elastics are firm, there is still plenty of stretch, so there’s a peace of mind that they will fit for a good amount of time on a growing babe.

In an effort to reduce my waste it’s refreshing to see that the retail packaging of the Droplets is just as environmentally conscious as their other products. Rather than coming in plastic, Droplets arrive in their own mini-wetbag to match your chosen print. But don’t let their mini-size fool you! I’ve managed to squeeze the swim nappy, a rash-suit, and bub’s hat into one to keep all her swimming gear in one place. Just grab and go! The mini-wetbag is a life-saver when the things nightmares are made of turn into reality and you need to get your wet and/or soiled nappy home. The nappy contains everything, of course, but, if you’re not in the place to be dealing with soiled swimmers at that moment, you can pop them in the mini and sort it out when you get home.

Some things to remember about swim nappies are that they aren’t absorbent at all. The aim of them is not to keep in wee so when travelling to the beach or pool, whatever nappy you usually use is best for your car seat. Also, treat them like any other swimsuit by giving a thorough rinse after using them in a chlorine pool.

Not only do they have really cute prints, the Bubblebubs Droplets are also super functional. Combining so many great features, it is clear that they have been designed with ease of use for parents and carers in mind. So, if you’re keen to reduce your footprint over the long summer months, Droplets are an easy way to enjoy endless trips to the beach or pool without the nasty waste

-Kat Edwards

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