New product alert: Candie Pods!

When I saw the Candies Pod I knew I would love them! I have two Littles, Miss B who is 2-years-old and Mr T 3-months-old so their needs are very different at the moment. I couldn't wait to brainstorm some ways to use them!

Obviously, they hold six Candies (our all-in-two modern cloth nappy), they also hold six Bamboo Delights and if we're talking Pebbles and Bambams they would fit an abundance for a day out with a newborn who needs more frequent nappy changes.


My favourite use for the Pods by far is as a swimming bag. Miss B is very much into being self-sufficient at the moment... when it suits her. As a swim bag, we pack her towel, shower wash, a clean cloth nappy, clean clothes and a mini wetbag with a snack. Miss B struts into swimming wearing her Droplet swim nappy and carrying her own bag and once we're done the wet towel, swim nappy and dirty cloth nappy (in the mini wetbag) get put back into the Candie Pod. Bam! Successful swimming lesson done and dusted!

As I mentioned I have two littles so they are currently in different cloth nappies Miss B is in Candies and Mr T is in Bambams or Bamboo Delights. I have a reasonable sized nappy bag #clothbummumlife so I can fit two Candie Pods in it. In each Pod I have everything each child will need while we are out: spare clothes, Candies (the best cloth nappies in Australia, if you don’t believe me check out the 2019 My Child Awards), snacks for Miss B, Dummies for Mr T. I will also chuck a change mat, wipes and wetbag into each one if space permits. This allows for me to grab whichever bag is required for the change, such a time saver and oh so tidy no one likes rummaging around a nappy bag with a squirming toddler trying to escape.

Who loves to travel? Most people are hesitant to travel with cloth nappies and turn to disposables. The Candie Pods are a great way to travel with cloth, all types of nappies fit into the Candie Pods: I was able to fit seven of the Bubblebubs Bamboo Terry Flats with a PUL Gusseted Cover and two Snappis in a Mini Wetbag. They are also a great size to fit into the a back pack for the day or the carry on luggage of the plane. The Candie Pods can also be used to organise the suitcase for each day that you are away for, great for being organised and making the best use of your luggage and time. Need more tips for traveling with cloth? Check out our many blog posts about it.


Miss B is obsessed with bags and taking toys in bags anywhere and everywhere, the Candie Pod holds her 32cm Miniland doll and of course her Bubblebubs doll nappies, a little blanket and anything else she “needs” for baby. Quite a few toys fit in a Pod! We have test ran a few whilst we walk around the toy room: play dough and play dough tools, pencils or crayons and some paper or small activity pad, a couple of smaller board books. We are a little young for Barbies at the moment but the Pod would be perfect for a stash of Barbie accessories and Barbie too. Let’s be honest the toy options are really quite endless.

The size of the Candie Pod is perfect for a family size toiletries bag, fits in all the goodies we need for a few nights away, We have also been able to use one for Miss B’s bunny, reusable cloth night nappy & Pjs for sleep overs at Nanna & Pappy’s.

The Candie Pod has such generous space it is able to fit a baby carrier. I use three different carriers depending on what adventure I am on for the day: Ergo Baby 360, Hug-a-Bub wrap & a Mumma Etc linen ring sling. The Ergo takes up the entire Pod but with a tight squeeze, I can even fit the newborn booster in! The Mumma Etc ring sling and the Hug-a-Bub have tonnes of space. They can evenfit in one Candie Pod together especially if folded neatly... not something I usually do. This is great for storage of your carriers and organising the car or chucking in the pram basket for a day out. I know mine lives in the bottom of the pram in case one of the littles decides they need a few extra mummy snuggles. Carriers can look quite messy sitting around so this keeps them looking tidy and who doesn’t love a good reason to buy more wetbags?

Did I mention how amazing the handle is? Ok a handle on the end is awesome but the fact it has snaps so you can clip it to things is genius! End of the pram, onto your overnight bag, it’s such a practical feature.

Ok ok, let me go back to hanging off the pram. Digging in the bottom of the basket if you don’t have a caddy is a real nightmare, just wrap the handle around twice and bam it is secured to the pram you can keep a water bottle, wallet, keys, tissues, wipes & the kitchen sink right there and who doesn’t want to show off the cute prints? My favourite is Poppa, after all, I’m a sucker for dragons.

I hope that has helped you get an idea of how brilliant a Candie Pod is and how many uses it has. Get on it people everyone needs at least one in their life! … or two or three.

– Megan Henderson

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