New product alert - Droplets!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, we have a new product! Droplets, our reusable swim nappies, that have been in development for 12 months are finally here and we are SO excited. For about five years now we’ve been listening to customers tell us how much they wanted us to do a swim nappy and we’ve been hearing you all. I promise! We just wanted to get it right.

Expos are definitely a great platform for research and one of the questions we hear most is “Do you do a swim nappy?” And usually there’s another cloth nappy company there we can direct them to but it’s going to be so nice going into the expo season saying “YES! Yes we do.” The reason they’re so requested at expos is that reusable swim nappies are a great entry point into cloth nappies. Its a very first step and lots of people who use single-use nappies will still choose a reusable swim nappy which is awesome.

We have gone with a sized swim nappy instead of a one size fits most swim nappy for a few reasons. The first is you can get a better fit. The second reason is expectation management, one size fits most swim nappies can be a bit of a false economy. No matter how high the quality is you can’t really expect it to stand up to the harsh combinations of sun and the heavy chlorine content of kids pools for many years. You wouldn’t expect a rash shirt to last for years with regular use because of these same conditions so expecting a nappy to can lead to disappointment. Always rinse your nappy after swimming with fresh water to prolong it's life.

So let’s break down the Droplets and talk about their features. They’re a side-snapping nappy that snaps on both sides so if “the worst” should happen in the pool you will be able to get the nappy off without making the situation worse. They have a soft inner netting to be gentle on bub’s skin but also help hold poo in place if you are unlucky. The fact that they unsnap on both sides also makes them nice and easy to take off.

They have lovely soft fold over leg elastics for the perfect fit. The fabrics are super light so they won’t weigh bub down and they dry really quick. As an added bonus our swim nappies come with a mini-wet bag to store the nappy in after use! (Make sure you ring excess water out of the nappy before putting in the bag).

There you have it! Our new Droplets are available in three prints currently and will come in Limited Edition ranges like our Candies so grab the ones you like while you can!

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