The little things to love about cloth nappies

The little things to love about cloth nappies

I came up with the idea for this blog after once again being baffled at my husband's ability to go through so many nappies while I slept in one morning. I know not everyone has this issue with their co-parent but my husband changes our son's nappy so often! I don't really mind, I just find it funny. I asked him why and he simply said  "That's my favourite thing about cloth nappies, I can change Ryan as often as I want without caring about wasting money because I know it doesn't cost me every time I change him. And that overall we're saving so much money."

And I realised that while most people choose reusable nappies for one of "The Big 3" (money, environment or to avoid harsh chemicals) there are so many other things to fall in love with on the way. So I spoke to some real BubbleMumsand asked what are the little things to love about cloth nappying.


"I love seeing all the pretty colours on the line after I have washed them and hung them out to dry." - Sandy Stuart 


"Leo is 6 months old today and has started undoing his disposables when I put them on after bath time. So I love that he can't do that in cloth and when it's warm and he's only in a nappy I won't have to worry about him getting into his nappy. Also, I love that sense of solidarity when you see another cloth mum somewhere. It's like a feeling of pride." - Ashleigh Ellis


"I love that cloth makes something that is objectively unpleasant fun because I get to pick out a cute print to put on her. Also, with a very clingy newborn, it’s really nice to be able to hand her to daddy and tell him not to disturb me while I’m hanging out or assembling nappies. It’s one of the few times I get a break so I find those chores really relaxing." - Kelly Nash


"I love connecting with other cloth mummas. I love that I don't have to remember them when I do the shopping. I love the little joy of putting on your favourite nappy... or their favourite or their siblings. Also the rhythm it brings." - Fiona Wilson


"Geeky but I love the routine and structure of nappies - washing, drying etc. I also to like that I can change her without wondering if I could leave it on a bit longer." - Jolene Butson-Leggett

"I’d say the routine as well... very therapeutic snapping inserts into covers. I had PND and I needed something else to do that wasn't baby/feed/sleep/change/repeat. I would get 30 minutes outside to myself every 2 days hanging nappies out. It saved me." - Abbey Stevens 
"I agree. I found it hard to get motivated to get outdoors in the early newborn stages. Hanging out cloth nappies on the clothes line is therapeutic for both me and bub. We both get some fresh air and feel relaxed in nature." - Esther O'Brien 


"I love knowing that I can change our son into a clean, fresh (and cute!) nappy before we go in the car or go out, without worrying I’m wasting money in nappies. I LOVE the sound of snapping in clean inserts makes. Folding and prepping is really cathartic for me. I love pointing out the prints to our son when I’m folding or changing him.

But really, I love knowing that our son is growing up in an environment which celebrates reusability and the environment and I hope he’s less prone to being caught up in this disposable, throwaway culture we’re now unfortunately living in." - Erin Corrieri


"I love the nappy folding date night. We sit down with a goass of wine and it's a way to connect even though we are exhausted." - Yulia Taylor 


"I love the big cloth bums. It just makes them look that much cuter. Especially night nappies, omg those massive bums are just adorable! I love that it’s good for their hips and bum. As a chiropractor, I don’t need to worry that their legs are being pushed together (it's not good to have straight legs in a baby!). And when they’re learning to walk, even if they have a massive topple onto their bum, they’re not going to injure their coccyx or anything (chances are small they would, but I still worried about that).

Hubby loves the super cute prints, disposables are just so boring. And we also love that in cloth nappies, the runny pops from daycare bugs, they just don’t leak! We’ve had the virus that’s going round and if she does a poo in a disposable they just seem to flood the gussets and leak (we still use them occasionally, esp when I’m too sick to do the nappies), whereas we never have poo issues with cloth.

On a side note, we installed a hose on our toilet to rinse off solids and I love using it when I do a poo too, so also cutting my toilet paper use!" - Adeline Yap


"No poop explosions! For the whole first year if we ever used disposables we'd get poop up his back and onto clothes multiples times per day. Miserable when out or travelling especially in winter. Also because of Clean Cloth Nappies Down Under I not only know how to clean nappies but all stained or dirty clothes! I can save anything now!! My sister on the other hand literally throws her kid's clothes in the rubbish regularly!" - Christina Keys 

If that doesn't fill you with warm and fuzzies I don't know what will. ❤️❤️

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