The perfect nappy... for you

The perfect nappy... for you

People often ask what the best cloth nappy is. I’m sorry to say but there is no one perfect nappy. However, I promise you there is a perfect reusable nappy for you. And this blog is about working out which one that is.

This blog post isn’t going to contain anything new or ground-breaking I’m sorry to say. What it is going to do is take existing information and present it in what is a new and hopefully helpful format. We often talk about different types of nappies and break down the pros and cons and of each but I thought I’d flip that format on its head and start with the requirements and tell you what nappy would be best to fit those criteria.

I find myself saying often to customers “it depends what your requirements are” so let’s break down what that means first. What we mean by that is no nappy will be "all the things" for all the people. Some people like modern cloth nappies, some prefer traditional cloth nappies. Like everything else in life, there are compromises that need to be made. Often absorbency and drying time are in conflict. Ease of use and price. Durability and absorbency. The list goes on but let me examine each of these criteria one by one so you can see what’s right for you and your family.

My main concern is budget

If this is the case, firstly cloth is a great choice. Even buying Candies, which are an all-in-two and not the most cost effective you’ll be saving money. See the chart below.

Infographic showing the cost of cloth nappies.

If budget is your biggest motivator I’d be looking at flats (muslin or terry) or prefolds. These will be your most cost-effective solutions. These options are more work but with a bit of practice, you’ll be fine (here are some videos of how to use a flat and a prefold). You can also re-use covers more frequently with flats and prefolds, so you need to buy less. Both flats and prefolds also have great longevity, you may need to start boosting flats at a certain age but that’s easy to do. And newborn prefolds that fitted around your newborn in an angel wing fold (below) can be padfolded and used as boosters (below) as they get older.

Steps to fold a prefold cloth nappy into an angel wing fold.


Steps to fold a prefold cloth nappy into a padfold or trifold.


My main concern is ease of use

Candies are your best friend! These are super easy to use and not fussy about getting a great fit. Simply snap in the trifold and put on bub. No folding, no Snappis and no separate covers. For newborn nappies look at our Pebbles, they’re an all-in-one and are as close as you’re going to get to a disposable, you just have to wash it. They don’t have the longevity of Bambams but they’re great for out and about and grandparents or middle of the night changes.


My Main concern is drying time

Flats will be your jam! Muslin or bamboo terry, they’re both a single layer of fabric so will dry very quickly.


My Main concern is durability

You want your nappies to get through more than a couple of kids and you plan on being a bit rough with them? Stick to cotton, it’s not quite as absorbent as bamboo but it can take a hell of a lot. Use cotton prefolds or flats because they don’t have any elastics or plastic components so they can be washed at higher temperatures.


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