What to do when bub starts to out-wet their Bambams

Vicki shows us how to boost a Bambam if bub has started to wet more. Bambams are our best selling newborn fitted cloth nappy. They're fantastic because they're flexible and bulletproof. They grow with your baby because you can add absorbency, as Vicki demonstrates in this video.



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Hi, I'm Vicky from Bubblebubs, and today I want to troubleshoot with you if bub has started out-wetting the Bambams. One of the advantages of a Bambam is for a newborn nappy, it lasts quite a long time, up to your four to six-month mark. One of the disadvantages there, of course, is bumpkins start to wet a lot more around the four-month mark.
- So, if you're finding that the nappy isn't containing as much as you need it to, what you can do is grab an extra booster, this is just one of our market fleece-lined boosters, pop it in the nappy, and then pop it onto bub. Or, if you're finding that that's affecting the leg fit a little bit, what you can do is pop the nappy on bub, and secure it up with your snappy, and then, grab your booster, fold it in half, I always find that it's better to fold it in half, and put it at the front of the nappy, and pop your cover on like that.
- And there you go, you've got a boosted nappy, so the nappy's going to last that little bit longer for you, so you do not have to change as often, and you're still managing to get a right leg fit when the boosting is on the outside.

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