Archer is 4.4kg and Vicki shows how a BoPeep cloth nappy fits on him.

Archer is 4.4kg and Vicki shows how a BoPeep fits on him. The BoPeep is a side snapping All In Two (AI2) modern cloth nappy specifically for newborns. The advantage of this is that if baby has tiny legs and has just had a big feed you can customise the fit so that the waist snaps are a bit looser than the legs by offsetting the snaps.


Transcription: Archer is 4.4kg and Vicki shows how a BoPeep fits on him.

- Hi everyone, I'm Vicki from bubblebubs and today I wanna show you how to pop the Bo Peep on little Archer, so he's about 4.4 kilos now and I'm going to show you how it goes on. So, the Bo Peep is an all-in-two. So, it comes with its tri-fold, like this. So we snap it in, and fold into three. Like this, and. Now, we did have this on Archer when he was about 2.8 kilos, which we'll pop some photos of with this video, but he was very unhappy. I don't think he likes doing videos. So, what we do is we do it up at the side like this and on the other side as well. And the advantage of a side snapping nappy of course is with little chicken legs like this little guy has got, if he's had a big feed, you can undo the waist a little bit looser, and just make sure that you have actually got a good seal around the legs, so we could go one tighter on that one. Like this, so you can see, you've got a nice, good seal around the legs there. And I'm gonna pick him up and show you what it looks like from the back. Here we go. And there you go, you got a nice, trim nappy.

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