Bamboo Delights: Our OSFM fitted modern cloth nappy

In this video, Vicki gives us an overview of the Bamboo Delight. Bamboo Delights are our OSFM fitted modern cloth nappy. They are made of luxuriously soft bamboo velour and are used as part of a two-step cloth nappy system with the fitted nappy as the absorbent part (the Bamboo Delight) and cover as the waterproof part. A two-step system is fantastic because it's bullet-proof against leaks and flexible when it comes to absorption, check out this video about how to boost your Bamboo Delights.

Transcription: Bamboo Delights: Our OSFM fitted modern cloth nappy

Hi, I'm Vicky from Bubblebubs, and, today, I'd like to show you our bamboo delights. Our bamboo delights are a fitted nappy, so that means the entire nappy gets wet, and they're one size, so that means they will fit from birth to toddlerhood. Like with any one size nappy though, they generally tend to be a little bit bulky on smaller newborns, but babies grow fast. So, it's only an issue for those first couple weeks. 

Our bamboo delights come with a snap-in tri-fold. So the tri-fold is two layers of bamboo fleece and a layer of bamboo velour. So that snaps into the shell of the nappy. So the nappy is made up of two layers of bamboo velour and a layer of flannel on the inside. So it just folds into three, like that, and bamboo delights do up with hip snaps. 

The reason for that is if you've got a bub with chunky legs and skinny waist, or vise versa, you can get a perfect fit around the legs and the waist, and we find it tends to fit a greater range of children. So that is, well, let's do this up a little bit. That is our bamboo delights.

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