Bubblebubs Candie Cloth Nappy: Tips And How To Use.

Vicki gives us the low-down on how to use Candies, our award-winning all-in-two reusable nappy. From how to get a good fit around the leg to what to do if your bub starts to flood their nappy, Vicki’s got you covered.

Transcription: Bubblebubs Candie: Tips and how to use.

Hi there, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and today I want to go through just some troubleshooting hints and tips for your candies if you're having some issues with leaking and what have you. 

We've got a couple of tips that sometimes it's just more comfortable to see someone do this rather than email through this. With the candies being a side snap, they do up. You've got your legs and your waist snaps, and they can be on entirely different snaps, and they can be on different snaps on either side, it doesn't have to be even. The most important thing is that you're getting a perfect fit around the legs. So if you're struggling with the fit around the legs, once it's on bub, How I put them on is lying bub there, and I pop my hand behind the nappy. 

You've got to make sure that the wing goes on top of the booster, and with my hand bring it around and get a perfect fit there. And you can also run your fingers along this elastic, which is kind of a little bit easier when you've got physical baby there, to make sure that the elastic is covering all of the leg. So that's tip #1. Make sure that you get an excellent, firm leg fit. 

Tip #2 and this tends to happen if your bub is around the three to the four-month mark. What can happen is, if you're using the suede panel, against their skin, what can happen at that age is that they can flood the nappy, but it doesn't have enough pressure to push through the suede cloth fast enough. So what happens is the wee rolls off the edge and then hits the cover straight away. 

So if we remember the protection isn't waterproof at all, sorry, isn't absorbent at all, so that's how you can get leaks out of the legs and that sort of stuff. So there's a speedy, easy fix for that, and that is to fold it so the bamboo is against the skin, because the bamboo will absorb a lot faster, and 9 times out of 10, if you're getting those sort of leaks and your bub is that sort of age, that will fix that problem. 

Also, with your younger babies, you really shouldn't need the booster until bub is the 9 to 12-month mark unless you want the nappy to last overnight. So what we've found is some people are using all of the boosters in there, and then that's compromising the leg fit because bub is still a newborn baby. There's plenty of absorbency in that tri-fold for younger kids. Yeah. So hopefully these tips will help get the candies working for you. Thanks.

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