Candie cloth nappies fit on a 2 week old and a 2 year old.

In this video Vicki show how candies fit on both Edison 2 weeks old and Eleanor 2 years old.


Transcription: Candies fit on a 2 week old and a 2 year old. 

- Hi everyone, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs and today I have got baby Edison and I have got a little helper, this is Eleanor. And what we're gonna do today is we're gonna show you how the Candies fit on both Edison and Eleanor,


- Yes


- so yeah! So, Eleanor is two and she's already toilet trained so Candies are a birth to toilet training nappy. We're gonna show you how they're still fitting on her. And baby Edison is about three weeks old and four kilos now. So we should get a really good fit with him. Four kilos is a really good size for a one size nappy. So right, turn your legs sweetheart. I will grab a nappy.


- Pinky.


- So this is our Candie, and just going to pop it under him here. Okay, so I'm looking to put it under, just underneath his belly button line there, and we bring the tri-fold up and fold it down, again around that line, then, are you gonna poop? I bet you are! Because it's a one-take video. And so what we're gonna do is we're going to bring the wings around, likely to the second last or the last next snap.


- After you've done this a few times, you'll work out what snap your kids are on and hands under. This one's gonna be second last snap, won't make it too tight on you dude. Okay, we tuck everything in, and as you can see by folding the tri-fold down, it takes a lot of the bulk out of this area here. So we've just gotta pull that into the leg creases in there, and there we go, we've got a nice little fit, I'm going to, can I have a cuddle? Look at you. So there we go, make sure you don't have singlets in, because that will cause wicking. But, got a nice trim little fit there. So, we're going to take this nappy off and hand you over to Mummy, so you can poop on her. Whoop, keep you all covered. Here you go, Mum. Is it your turn?


- Yes.


- Okay, let's get you up. Move the nappy. Up. Okay, oop we might bring you back here, and do you want to lie down? There you go. Okay, so same nappy and I'm going to pop it on you. Now, because Eleanor's two she'd need the extra boosting. So we've go an extra booster, if you're prepping the nappy you could pop it on the inside or you can fold it in half. I used to put it in half at the front or in the middle like that. So what we're gonna do, is pop that there, same process, bring the wings around, you're probably right on the second or third snap. Let's see. And same on the other side. Okay, you've got a tiny waist haven't you? So I've actually snapped the waist a little bit smaller than the legs cause she's got chunkier thighs than a waist, that's the advantage of a side snapping nappy. Pushing that into the undie line, do you wanna stand up? Oh, let's have a look at the nappy. Up. You show everybody. Yay! And see she's still got heaps of room left to go. So there, you can share nappies.



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