Candies are a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) modern cloth nappy.

Candies are a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) modern cloth nappy. Being OSFM they can fit from newborn, however they are much bulkier on newborns than on an older baby over 4.5kg. It is also much harder to get a good fit around baby's legs - the key to ensuring a comfortable and leak-free cloth nappy. Baby Archer is 3kg and Vicki fits a Candie on him. In comparison to the BoPeep, the Candie is more difficult to get a good leg seal up into the leg creases and is overall a much larger and bulkier cloth nappy on a newborn. Click here to learn about the other benefits of using newborn specific cloth nappies over OSFM cloth nappies.


Transcription: Candies are a One Size Fits Most (OSFM) modern cloth nappy.

- Hi, everyone, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs and I'm back to show you, we've still got the Bo Peep on, just for now, its stinky. And what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna put the Candie on, which is our One Size nappy. I just want to show you the difference between having a newborn-specific nappy and having a one size nappy on a three kilo baby. So, just going to-- I know, I knew you were not gonna be happy at this. So I've got the nappy all prepared, if you'd like to see how the, how to put the Candies together, we do have other videos. So what we would do is bring the tri-fold up and sweep that out again. He's so tiny, we're going to have to fold this tri-fold all the way down. And-- I know sweetie, I will be really quick. We keep it real here. Why, why have him when he's not crying? Now that's to the end. All right darling let's get your nappy on. What I'm gonna do-- I'll give you a cuddle in a sec. So there on the end snaps, and you can see, we can barely even get a seal around the legs there. I'm going to pick him up and I'll have a play with-- Hi sweetheart! Maybe if you actually pooped instead of farted, we'd be better. But you can actually see here that even on, oh that's not the tightest snap. I'll show you on this one. We're struggling to get a good fit around the legs on a three kilo baby. So, hang on, can I pop you down and try and get the other side? No, okay. We won't push him any further. So, but as you can see it's a lot, lot bulkier. I will pop him down for one second. And we'll do some comparison videos of how much bigger a One Size nappy is on a newborn versus the, versus-- Oh, okay, maybe he did, he farted. how much bigger that is compared with the, with the Pebble bub. I'm not, not the Pebble, the Bo Peep. I'm not gonna push him any further. See ya, guys.

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