Challenges putting Bamboo Delight cloth nappy on a nine-month-old

Baby Brock shows us how a Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight cloth nappy fits for night time. He is 9 months old and about 8kg and almost sleeps through the night.


Transcription: Challenges putting Bamboo Delight cloth nappy on a nine-month-old

Hi, I'm Vicky from BubbleBubs, and today I wanna show you the bamboo delight on baby Brock. He's nine months old now and about eight kilos, and very, very mobile. So at this stage we're looking at fast nappy changes so we will see how fast we can change a nappy, and I've given him just a little toy to keep him entertained, so little hint is just to use something that he wouldn't usually play with, in the hopes that it will keep him entertained for a minute while you're popping the nappy on.


At this age, a bamboo delight is perfect for nighttime use. So how we would set that up for nighttime is we'd pop the nappy on, here you go, oh, look, play with that, yeah. Maybe I'll open it for you, hey? So pop the nappy on like a normal fitted nappy, like such. Oh no, did that hurt? There we go. And pop the other side on. So the advantage of using a fitted nappy and a cover at night means that we can quickly pop the nappy on, and this is really the hardest part, so we've got the nappy on like this. You're just gonna roll over and make it nearly impossible for me, aren't you?


Hopefully, when you're popping a night nappy on, they're a little bit more tired, and not kind of waking up. Look at you, you're not tired, are you? Gonna have sleep? No. The other secret is, of course, to have everything prepared, and anyone who knows me, that's kind of not really my style.


Here we go, got a wet bag to play with? Yeah, try that. So what we want is our cover, so this is a medium size cover, which is probably about the size that I'd be looking at is what we're gonna do. Even though that kind of looks huge, the nappies gonna look huge in a sec. Hey, gotcha. Okay, so we've got the nappy and the cover. This is all about keeping it real. We don't shoot these moments. So I think next time I'll be a little bit more prepared. So if you have got some prefolds or other sorts of boosting, night booster set, or pretty much anything that will add absorbency to the nappy, we're gonna start to put that between the nappy and the cover. Okay.


So what we're gonna do is literally ... Look; honestly, you're gonna be doing this in 30 seconds. You're not going to be kind of trying to demonstrate to a camera and all of that sort of stuff. I know so you can see, that's actually quite bulky, but we've got heaps of room in that cover, if he happens to be a super heavy wetter at night, we can just start to add extra boosters like that. It's really a bit of trial and error, and when you're starting out with night nappies, I always suggest you go more significant, and take away, rather than starting out small and finding that you've got wet sheets in the morning.


With a fitted and cover ... Do you like my watch? Is that what it is? Okay, that'll do, we'll take that. An important thing to watch, let's see how we've got at the back, is just make sure that ... Are you patting me now? That you've actually got a good fit. You've got all of the nappy poked in, there's heaps of room to boost at the back there, too. So that is how we pop our fitted and a cover and boost it for a night. Can you say ... Say bye? Bye. You're so much harder to put a nappy on now than when you were a bubby. Bye!

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