Challenges putting cloth nappies on a nine-month-old

Putting a cloth nappy on a child that has learned to roll over and camando crawl is a challenge. Here Vicki shows us how to get a candie cloth nappy on squirmy Brock at 9 months and 8kg.


Transcription: Challenges putting cloth nappies on a nine-month-old

Hi, it's Vicki from bubblebubs, and I'm back with baby Brock. He's about nine months old now, and about eight kilos and one of the challenges with putting nappies on a nine-month-old is they start to roll. If you can't put a camera above them to keep them entertained, we do have a couple another kind of options that we can do. My biggest secret is have something on the change table that is only available when you are changing nappies. Something I used to use was the foaming wipes wash, which he's probably a little too young to play with this at the moment but it comes out as a foam, I used to use it for my son and used just to clap and it would go everywhere and you'd get your two to three minutes to change the nappie, if you need that long.


Yeah, look, we're done. Can you go, see it's a nice foam, and that's all my son used to do. If that doesn't work, we've got all sorts of things like, grab whatever's on the change table. He's actually not interested, are you just going to sit there and not roll? Yeah, okay. Let's get onto the nappie. This is our candy. Here you go. The tri-fold snaps in like I've already snapped it in. If you find that you can have the suede cloth against the skin or the bamboo against the skin at this age if you're finding that bub is flooding the nappie and you need it to absorb a little bit quicker, you can do that by popping the bamboo against the skin.


All we do is give it just a little bit of a tug and generally you'd have all your nappies assembled before you go to the change table at this age because they just don't stay still as a newborn does. Now he's going to do it. What's this? Hey, what's that? Super quick nappie change. What we're going to do is bring the, what's that called? The tri-fold up, wings over, nappie across and I've got my fingers underneath the wings. There we go. Wrestling like a crocodile. Once you know what snaps bub is actually on, makes it a lot easier because if they do start to roll you just pretty much work with them. Look at that and perfect shot of the back there. Can I grab you back? Hello. Say hi to the camera. Say hi.


As you can see, the most important thing is to get the elastics right up in the groin like that. Around about the nine-month mark you may need to use the booster. Do you have beautiful long periods of sleep now? Yeah, during the daytime. Let's see what it's like with the booster. I'll tell you what, I've got something else. What's this? What's that? That's something new. What you can do, grab your booster, you can either have them prepared and have it laid inside the tri-fold already or I've just folded it in half there. As you can see, working a lot quicker than I do with the other videos, so if you need kind of a bit more technical information on how to get your fingers underneath, have a look at one of the earlier videos.


There we go. As you can see, all you need to do is keep them entertained for literally a minute and having something that they can only have on the change table really helps with that. I have got a boosted candy on there, make sure that we've got a good seal on the legs and around the waist and booster should get you a little bit of extra time there. Say bye Brock. Bye. Thanks.

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