Cloth nappy change table tour

Take a tour through a change table perfectly set up for modern cloth nappies. Now obviously everyone needs to do what's right for them and what works for their family and their space but sometimes great inspiration comes from seeing how other people do it! So check out this little tour where Jenna shows you how her change table is set up and how it works for her.


Transcription: Cloth nappy change table tour

Hi. Jenna here from Bubblebubs. Today I wanted to show you an example of a change table setup. This is just my change table, and obviously you need to do what works for your family, your baby, your room, whatever. But this is what I do, and I thought that might be helpful to some people who were looking at setting up their change table and wondering the best way to go about it. 

This really works really well for cloth nappies, obviously. I've got these Önsklig here, which are these caddies that hang off the side. They're from IKEA and they're popular in the cloth nappy world, because they're fantastic. In this first one I've just got plain water. In the second one I've got accessories. I've got my foaming wipes wash, my Snappi, all that kind of stuff. And here is where I put dirty nappies until I go take them to the dry pail, so you've got somewhere to put those for the meantime, or you're dressing bub, and till you're ready to go rinse off and put stuff in the dry pail. 

Up the top here, I have clean nappies all ready to go to put on baby, and here is whatever else I need at the time. At the moment it's got all my night nappy stuff ready to go tonight. 

Up here we have micro fleece liners, which I love. In here I have my cloth wipes. I store them dry and all I do is dunk it in the water, squeeze it out, and it's ready to use. Some people like to store those wet because that's easier at change time. I find this works for me, so again you've got to do what works for you.

Down here, I have — it's quite empty at the moment because of wash day — but down here I normally have lots of nappies in all these little caddies, which I love because then I can take them into another room, sort my nappies, put them in here. Then put them in here in the morning when my son is awake. I've got a little washing basket here, and under here I've got all my extra stuff. I've got extra covers, I've got ... these are some muslin flats that I use for boosting my night nappies. I've got pre-folds that no longer fit down here. I've got my Bambams from when he was smaller. I've got extra inserts. So it's just all the other extra stuff that you need there.

That's my change table. Again, you've got to do what works for your family, but I thought this might help inspire some people and give you some ideas of some different things that I found worked for me when using cloth nappies on my son.

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