Fitting Bubblebubs PUL covers for cloth nappies

The Bubblebubs PUL covers suit any cloth nappy that needs a waterproof cover. Night cloth nappies, fitted cloth nappies, pre-fold, flats or anything.


Transcription: Fitting Bubblebubs PUL covers for cloth nappies

Hi. I'm Jenna from Bubblebubs and I'm here to talk to you today about fitting our gusseted covers, these are great for night nappies or fitted nappies, pre-fold, flats, anything. We've got stuff in this groin area and the double gussets help you keep all that contained, and one thing I've found playing with them over time myself, is you get a different fit, and I can't tell you which is the right one, but it varies over age.

Yes darling, yes darling you're okay.

But, these are made so you can pull them all the way across here, momma can't carry you and you put them all the way across here, and you can even double them over if they're small, if the babie's small.

And see everything's nice and contained in there, the gussets keep everything nice and contained in there. Now, this is fitting quite well at the moment, but what I have found and, see how this is stretched over here on his little chubby legs? The way Vicky once showed me was, you can get a different fit if you, instead of going straight across, oh sweetheart it's okay, you're okay darling, you're okay, you're not in a good mood this morning.

If you go up and over and down, that fits around his little chubby legs a lot better than, and so you do the same on the other side, up, around and down, and this bit's a bit lower at the front now, and this fits over his chubby legs much better, it's not cutting them off across there and it's a lot more comfortable for him and you can get a better containment across that leg, if you do have explosive poos.

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