How the Bamboo Delight cloth nappies are fitting on Brook at 6 months and 7kg

So Brook is a little bit older and a little bit wiser but a lot more active. Vicki puts a Bamboo Delight on 6-month-old 7 kg Brook. No covers though as she never rehearses the videos and is sometimes not prepared.

Transcription: How the Bamboo Delight cloth nappies are fitting on Brook at 6 months and 7kg

Hi, I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs, and this is baby Brook, and he's now six months old and about seven kilos and very smiley and cheery and rolly and all those sorts of things. 

So, what we're gonna do today is have a look and see how the Bamboo Delights fit on him now. And so Bamboo Delights are a fitted nappy, so they do need a cover to go over the top, and they're a one size nappy, so if you have seen some of the other videos, we've been trying these nappies on him since he was born, just to see how they fit, so. 

The Bamboo Delight comes in two pieces, so the trifold snaps in like this and we pop the bamboo velour against the skin. So, at six months old, these are actually going to make the basis of a perfect night nappy, so, at his age, probably on its own, should be enough to get him through the night, just depends how long he's deciding to sleep. Are you going to roll over? I bet you are, aren't you? So, how these go on is we fold the trifold up like that and bring the wings around. 

I always find it easier to put my hand underneath the wing and snap up the legs and then the waist, and we can come back to that in a second, see if we need to adjust it. Same on the other side. So, we get ... we're wanting to make sure that we get a good seal around the legs and around the waist and that's actually, that's a little bit lose, so I'd probably pop it on the third snap on the legs. Like that, and if you get your singlet out of the way, you can see that it's sitting quite nicely underneath his bellybutton. Can I pick you up? Yeah, you wanna get picked up. 

Let's have a look at the back, and we can see that it's kinda sitting midway up his back. So, that's how the Bamboo Delights are fitting. As I said, this will probably be fine overnight. If you're finding that your bub is starting to outwit a fitted nappy, we can grab some boosting ... and pop it on the outside of the nappy between the nappy and the cover. 

So tough we got to bring your cover upstairs, that will fit over the top of that. So, yeah with night nappies it's a case of adding absorbance to the nappy as you go but having a Bamboo Delight or a fitted nappy as your base you can add boosting to it like that.

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