How to fit a Candie on a bub with chunky thighs

In today's video Vicki wrestles a Candie onto a crocodile! Oh wait that's Hugo, he's 10 months and 12kg and has some super chunky thighs. Vicki shows us how to get a good fit with chunky thighs and really get that nappy in the groin line to get that great leg seal that keeps "everything" in! If you're having troubles with leaks this can make a huge difference. If you'd like to learn more about leaks and how to troubleshoot check out this blog post.


Transcription: How to fit a Candie on a bub with chunky thighs

Hi everyone, I'm Vicki from Bubble Bubs and today I'm with Hugo and Hugo is a gorgeous little chunky monkey. He's about 9-months-old, sorry 10-months-old and about 12 kilos. So what we're going to do today is we're going to wrestle with the crocodile and try to pop a candy on and show you how to get a good fit with chunky thighs. Because you have got a big set of them haven't you? So when you Bub is this old, you need to make sure that your nappies are prepared and ready to go which I have already done. I'm just going to pop that under there.  Did I say I was prepared and ready to go? I lied. Okay, so what we're going to do is a first thing you need to do is bring the [inaudible 00:00:49] up because he does actually need boosting. We're going to pop the boost in the middle at the front. Then I'm going to bring the wing around and pop my fingers underneath and grab the wing around. I know, I know. And repeat on each side. Here we go. And we're going to do the same thing so pin your underneath. Now once you work out what snap it's on, it's going to be a lot easier. So making sure we tuck all the nappy in. The most important thing with the chunky Bub is to make sure that we've got a good seal around those legs and that the elastics are pushed right into the elastic line. So you can see there, I pushed that one in. And that one there even so I'm just going to pop it in. And that way, you're not going to get any red marks. Now that he's started moving, what you'll find is if it's not riding the groin marks, if you've got it on these little back rolls, you start to get some red marks and irritation as he moves his legs like that. Should we pick you up? See what the back looks like? Okay? And nice fit around the back as well.

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