How to fit a Candie on a bub with skinny thighs

In today's video Vicki shows us how to get a good fit on a bub with skinny legs. Angus is 13 months and weighs 10kg. Vicki shows you how to get your hand under the snaps so you can really pull that wing around and get a nice, snug leg fit. She also shows us how to get that nappy in the groin line to get that great leg seal that keeps "everything" in! If you're having troubles with leaks this can make a huge difference. If you'd like to learn more about leaks and how to troubleshoot check out this blog post.


Transcription: How to fit a Candie on a bub with skinny thighs.

Hi, everyone. I'm Vicki from Bubblebubs. Today, I want to show you how to pop a Candie on a skinny-legged [bubby 00:00:12]. This is Angus. He is about 13 months old, and weighs around the 10 kilo mark. What I'm going to do is pop the nappy on as quickly as I can, because, as we know, one year olds don't stay still for very long. I'm going to bring the booster up like this. At this age, we're likely to be boosting, so you can either have the booster inside the trifold. Where do you want it? Do you want it on the outside? We'll pop the trifold ... oh, the booster, sorry, on the outside, and then we work with the wings first. Pop our hands underneath the wings and quickly snap, snap. Wings up, and repeat on the other side. Okay. So by actually having my hand underneath the wing, what I can do is I can actually get a really big stretch there, and we can actually have the legs on a separate snap to the waist, if we need to. Most important thing is to make sure that the elastics are in the undie line there, so we don't end up with any red marks. Let me just push that in. At this side, we could potentially pop that one snap tighter, just to make sure that that leg seal is really good. You didn't even notice me doing that, did you? Again, you can just run your fingers around the elastic, like that. And, do you want to hop up? Want to see how it looks at the back? Ready? One, two, three. Upsee-daisy. So there, you get a nice fit, like that. Can you say bye-bye? Bye.

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