How to fit a Candie trifold inside the BoPeep shell

On a budget and want to get as much use as you can out of your Bubblebubs stash? Vicki shows how you can fit a Candie trifold inside the BoPeep shell. In doing this you can have a higher turnover of the quick drying shells to inserts or simply just change the insert if bub has just wet the nappy.


Transcription: How to fit a Candie trifold inside the BoPeep shell

- Hi everyone, I'm Vickie from bubblebubs and today I'm with,  baby Archer who's,  4.4 kilos, and what I wanna show you is a hack with the bopeeps using the candy trifolds. So. What we've got is the bopeep trifold, you can see is a little bit smaller than the candy trifold. So what I'm gonna do, is the snap positions are the same. So, it's just a little bit bigger. So what we might do is fold into four, really quickly before he grabs that. And I'm going to pop it on like this. Now because we've got this extra length here we can fold that down. Or, oh get on. Now the side snaps, you can  alternate the snaps, to make sure that you're getting a big, a nice fit around the legs. And, whoop. Like that, so with the candy trifold it is a little bit bulkier than we would have with the bopeep trifold. But, being in all in two, it means you can reuse the shell. So you can see it's a little bit chunkier there, but there's a hack to use some of the trifolds you have in your stash.

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